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Alright, Thanksgiving is over. I don't know about you but I'm definitely feeling the weight I gained. With holiday parties coming up, I need to keep my butt in check, literally.
This is the hardest time of the year (for me) to stay healthy and slim. But I'm going to attempt it. No really, I am. The pounds have crept up on me recently and it's high time I take some action.
I'm going to start really small and hope that I can reach those goals- fingers crossed.
So here's my plan:
Here I am, planning.

– Workout at least 3 times a week. Can be anything, and needs to be at least 20 minutes.

– Plan ahead- this is where I fail with lunch. When I plan ahead I make healthier choices. So Sundays I'm going to grill chicken for the next 5 days.
– Portion control- It's the holidays, so sweets are all around. Just this week I have 4 different parties/get togethers to attend. So I'm not going to cut it out entirely, I just can't have 10 of everything.
-Hang this old pic of Britney on my fridge, as a reminder. 
-Lastly, well…you'll have to visit the Slimfession tumblr to check out my video and my Slimfession!
I've partnered with Slimfast and shared my Slimfession at #Slimfessions! (I even made a video, you can check it out there.) You can submit your Slimfessions- it's anonymous! We all have motivations for staying slim or getting into shape, so share your story or message and use the hashtag: #Slimfessions
What's your #Slimfession? Do you have a plan to stay healthy over the holidays?
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