One thing that stresses me out about blogging is the pictures. I want them all to look great- but that's not always possible. There are so many photo editing tools out there, but some are so hard to use and understand.
That's where Fotor comes in. I often (pretty much, always) take photos from my phone that I use for the blog. Fotor has a FREE iPhone app you can use to edit your pictures. Of course you can also use Fotor for Windows or online! You can share the photos right from your phone or save them to you camera roll.

You can add text, create collages, and add effects!
The Snapstory app is really fun. This really makes your photos come to life. You can add overlays, backgrounds, really anything.

Again, this is free to download on your iPhone and totally makes your pics pop. You can add different text overlays, some of my favorites are: “swag”, “dance party”, “life is good”, “keep it classy” etc. You can choose different settings like travel, food, weather, moods, social and party. You can also add different photo filters and even a custom location.

You know I had to do Tomorrowland!! Are these pictures not awesome?! You can even share them straight to instagram. And y'all- it's free! You can't NOT download it.

Simply share it or save it and you're good to go!

This is my new favorite photo app, well, ever. Check out the app and tell me what feature you might use!

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