It's that time again, your daily dose of music to get your weekend started off right! I'm thrilled about what's in store. I even have an EXCLUSIVE track straight from one of the DJs themselves!

1. Don Diablo & Matt Nash “Starlight (Could You Be Mine) Otto Knows Remix

Michael introduced me to this song (like he does only a small portion of the time) and I got chills when listening to it. I still do every time I hear it. It's a shame it's not on Spotify so you'll have to listen to the Youtube version!

2. A Tribe Called Red “Electric Pow Wow Drum”

Fine Michael introduced me to this one too. Fair warning, it's weird. it's a blend of electronic and native american influences and then a dash of awesome. Give it a chance. It's pretty cool.

3. Knife Party “LRAD”

When I first heard this song, I though meh. But now after listening to it a couple times I actually love it. Sometimes music grows on you. This song certainly did.

Ok now that you're in the mood, here's some very exciting stuff. So being the person I am, I think I can weasel myself into anything. This has worked with things like Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld. But what happens when I decide to email a DJ myself?
Well he happens to send me an email back with an exclusive track. I am pretty pumped about this! If you don't know him yet, meet Randy Boyer. Randy is a global DJ who has traveled the world playing with all the top DJs. He hosts a radio show – BUZZ which is played on IHeartRadio. He owns his owsn record label, EnMass Music.
His newest single with Boyan Angelov is called “Jump” and it will really get you in the mood to party. Here's a video of him performing the song at Hartford, CT Electric Run. Now I wanna go. This looks like a blast.

Here are two tracks from the duo and you can also purchase them on iTunes
Pretty awesome, right?! “Let's Get Ugly” just makes me want to get down. This electro house jam really gets me pumped up.
Check out Randy on Facebook or Twitter.You can see if Randy Boyer is coming to a city near you!

Thanks so much for being on the blog Randy!!
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