I will admit I am really really downright terrible at decorating. Not the kind where I put up tacky things or I'm not sure how to arrange knick knacks. The kind that just doesn't decorate at all. A few weeks ago, my mother in law (who does not read this blog, or I'm in trouble) came over for dinner. Looking around the house she sighed, “Are you ever going to decorate?!” I snapped back that I didn't care, I rather spend my time and money on travel and life than wasting it on decorations. But she was right. Our house does look a little bare. I needed to take it up a notch. Or at least hang up something.

Note: this is not my house.
I look at Pinterest, like all girls, and wish my house would be the perfect color palette with everything just so. But that's just not reality for me.

But one thing I do like about decorating, is putting up things that bring back memories. A picture of when we first got Hugo, our framed wedding invitation, or the glass vase that I made at a art workshop (I have no career in glass blowing if you're wondering.)
We recently inherited a beautiful dark oak table (from my mother in law, mind you) that I filled with memories: our wedding album, the vase, a pair of porcelain elephants. But it was missing something. I hadn't hung anything above the table.
Michael and I have done our fair share of travel but we didn't have anything in the house that represented this. That's where I knew I wanted to hang my Easy Canvas Print of Michael and I in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I highly encourage you to check out Easy Canvas to pick out a canvas for yourself or as a Christmas present. (This was going to be a Christmas present for Michael but I just got so excited I wanted to hang it up!) The turn around time was so quick and the picture quality it wonderful. You can even go online and view how the pictures will turn out on the canvas. And hey, you can use your instagram pictures as well!

I turned my flash on, that's why it looks faded at the bottom.

The colors came our brilliantly and I love how the canvas stands out against the once bare wall. The whole house may not be decorated, but now I have one spot that is “perfect” to me.

See, I can decorate.

I was compensated by Easy Canvas but all reviews are my own. 
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