This past weekend I went camping up in Arkansas. In the Orzarks, Devil's Den to be exact. Michael and I left work early on Friday with Hugo in tow and drove five hours from Dallas to the camping grounds. We met up with our friends and Hugo got to see one his best friends of all time, Cash.

We made them sit for one picture. The rest of the time they looked more like the picture on the right.

Michael and I spent Friday eating my weight in smores. There's just something about roasting marshmallows over a fire that makes me really happy. Maybe it's because I still like to pretend I'm 10 years old. Or it reminds me of campouts with my Dad growing up.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early around 10 and made some campfire breakfast burritos. Despite the rain we took a hike. If you haven't been to Arkansas or Devil's Den I suggest you make the trip. The scenery is gorgeous, rocks that cut in and out, caves, hiking trails and trees that have the most beautiful changing leaves.

On our hike we found an area were there were literally hundreds of rock castles. So, Michael and I decided to make our own.

I love this picture below. Shortly after it was taken Brad, on the right, removed his shoes and walked the rest of the hike barefoot. True Arkansas style. Michael is trying to get in a cave on the left. As he did about every five minutes. And the dogs are just chilling.

It was so nice to not have any cell phone service for 72 hours. No Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, etc. The only buzzing I heard the entire weekend was that of some bees. They would not leave us alone. Following our every move. Despite the thousands of bees, Michael was the only one who got stung.

So what do you do with no cell service? You drink wine out of tin cups and play apples to apples. If you're wondering, I lost horribly.

It was so great to get away from Dallas and just enjoy being outside. But those bees gotta go.

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