I will admit I'm not a football fan. I'm not ashamed of it. There are some benefits, like not consuming all my spare time on the weekends and I'll never beat you in a fantasy football game.
 I think the main reason why is that my Dad isn't a big football fan and Michael couldn't care less about sports.

Who's Playing?

I do understand that the majority of my friends are football fanatics. And while I won't watch every game with you, I will watch some. Like this weekend. This weekend is the big rivalry: Texas vs Oklahoma.
It's played in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl and has become a big deal here. People come from out of town, get up early to pregame, and sport their burnt orange or crimson.
Here's where I come in.
I don't care about the game. But I want to hang out with my friends and join the party. I'm a pretend fan. And trust me, I might be your new favorite.
Why is this so great?
I will cheer for your team. Hate OU? Ok! Me too! Want to crush the Longhorns? Consider them my arch enemy. Want to take a picture when we're all jumping at the same time. PERFECT.

I will wear your team colors. If I don't have it, I will buy it. I don't want to stand out in the wrong colors. I want to fit in with the crowd.
I'll be sure to give the other fans dirty looks when they make a good play.

I will be quiet when the games on. I will cheer when you cheer. I probably won't know what's going on so I'll probably just follow your lead.
Gosh that idiot really should have made that catch. (I have no idea what's going on but look how supportive I am.)

I don't have a fantasy football team, so I won't be looking at that my ranking the entire game.
You can count on me to perform a touchdown dance.

If “we” lose, I won't be that upset so I'll be able to cheer you up. If “we” win… I'll be happy because you're happy.

So see, the pretend fan can be a great asset. And don't lie, some of you really don't care about sports. You're just pretending and you're really there for the booze.

I am very excited for this post because that means I finally get to link up with Sarah for Fan Friday!

Venus Trapped in Mars


Today I have the also have the pleasure of talking about one of introducing you to Sevi from Ware is the Vodka?! I have her here breaking down some info about herself and her blog, she's a fellow Texan and has one of the greatest Karaoke song choices I've ever seen:

What's one of your favorite posts you've written?
 One of my favorite posts that I've written would have to be What's Good Hair? It was a really interesting opportunity for me to not only educate, but enlighten people that it's just hair. As an African American woman, I receive so many questions about my hair and it baffles me. When one of my girlfriends goes to get her roots tamed and adds some lowlights, I don't ask them questions. I am constantly remind with the culture shock that people have when I tell them I am married to a handsome white guy and the first thing they ask is – does he like your hair?!? Ummm, yeah – he loves me! I am more than willing to answer questions, just not ignorant questions. Over the years, I've learned to embrace the ‘fro and go with the flow!

What's your go to jam? 
Oh goodness, please do not make fun of me for this song. The jam that I couldn't live without is Jamiroquai's Canned Heat. Something about that song just makes me want DANCE and keep dancing. Do not let that song come on anywhere in public because I very well may be in my own musical. Instantly a little bounce will take place and next thing you know my hands are in the air. I got canned heat in my heels tonight.
Favorite Disney Movie? 
Hands down, The Lion King. When I was younger, my parents and siblings would all curl up in their king size bed and we would watch that movie on VHS. I remember my dad having to make 2 or 3 separate trips from my parents' bedroom to carry each of us to our rooms. The memories that I have with my family with this movie put a smile on my face and we are blessed to be able to pass it down to my nieces and nephews. Oh and I can recite the entire movie beginning to end – including singing every single song.

Karaoke song of choice? 
Wannabe by the Spice Girls – do I need to go any further? ZIG A ZIG AH! 
What do you love most about Texas? 
Besides the State Fair of Texas, I love the state pride. Regardless of where I travel or have lived when I say I'm from Texas it's legit. I stand a little taller, speak a little louder, and my Texas sass is at it's finest. It's a good feeling when people take a second look at you because you've proudly (or obnoxiously) stated you are from the might fine state of Texas, the only state to be it's own country.

Go say hi to Sevi

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