If you haven't met Adriana, today is your day. This is a girl that just gets me and I get her. Look at her twitter picture! She's awesome.Â

1. Where did you come up with this hilarious and clever blog title “Dog Hair is an Accessory“?

Well thanks for the compliment! After I stopped posting on my old blog (I'll get to that in a minute) I missed it but definitely wanted to do something different. Our dog Lil was clear inspiration. She provides quite a lot of material. I wanted to encoporate my girly side too and wrap it all up in a phrase that said “girlfriend is a mess.” Those days where you can't handle life and don't bother with jewely and skip brushing your hair and putting on makeup? That comes complete with a coating of Lil. Her fur is also wonderful because each strand is half white and half black. No kidding. So I'm kinda screwed.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I followed a bunch of fashion blogs so I started a fashion blog. Then I realized I am NAHT a fashion blogger. So I stopped. But I really missed it. Then I started Dog Hair Is An Accessory. I LOVED IT. I immediately had more fun and I started making connections and friends and now I'm SOO glad I started it up again. I needed an outlet and this was the perfect one. I talk more about it in my first post.

when I was a fashion blogger

3. If Hugo (my doberman) and Lily got into a fight, who would win?

I gotta say- it depends. Lil is quite a puss. She actually lays down and waits for dogs smaller than her to approch her. (sometimes I literally have to dragggg her to the other side of the street. Embarrassing.) With bigger dogs she gets realllly excited to play and actually starts hopping around. I think as long as she knew I liked Hugo (which I totally do because who the hell doesn't) she'd love to play puppy games.

She is pretty nervous tho. She doesn't bark but she goes, “bough.” especially if she thinks My boyfriend, Tom or I are threatened. Case in point- when I was driving her home from Tom's parents house last weekend we pulled up next to sketchyyy looking dudes at a red light. She sat there in the passenger seat “boughing” at them and growling. I had to roll up the window. Although she may just hide behind us if something was actually gonna go down.

Also a cross country play date is a totally acceptable reason to take a week off of work and go visit Hugo for a week right?

4. Most embarrassing moment?

Having to deal with Lil in public is usually embarrassing. Really tho, I literally can't think of a time I was embarrassed. I mean I do embarrassing things on a very regular basis but I don't care too much about what other people think, plus I only hang out with people who don't judge me.

I guess at least my most recent moment that I actually felt embarrassed was a moment with Tom's mom. Well 2 moments really. The first came in October of last year. It was Tom's birthday and our friends were visiting from Dallas. We all went out to dinner with his parents and we had a great time. We had just gotten back into town from the family cottage and I was telling Tom's mom that I had made all the beds but I couldn't find sheets for the master bedroom. I mentioned they shouldn't be that dirty. Her response? “Oh I thought you said you had fun!”


Anyway she laughed really hard and I obviously did too cuz what else do you even do? Then about a month later we were at Tom's parents house and she was showing me a dress that she had bought. It was in the closet of Tom's old bedroom. On the desk there was a pair of Tom's boxers. I picked them up and said, “Are these Tom's?” and she says, “Yes, wanna know where I found them? Down at the bottom of the sheets at the cottage.” M O R T I F I E D. Again she was laughing so I was too but woahh was I not ready to deal with that.

5. Besides dogs, what's your favorite thing to write about (or your favorite post you've written?)

I like writing about those random things that pop into my mind for example; my issues with sneezing. And I like trying to be crafty so the Saw It, Pinned It, Did It link up I love doing those posts. And of course there are a lot of wine related posts.

6. Anything else you'd like to add?

I am a horrific dancer. I feel like that's sacrilige to be writing when posting for Helene but it's true. I sometimes order prosecco at crappy bars and drink it from a champage flute. I'm trying real hard to get Tom to agree to letting us get a second dog although it's probably THE WORST idea ever ever. I can eat a whole bag of frozen baby Snickers in a sitting. I'm obsessed with buying fun wine glasses. In my opinion these are the 4 best YouTube videos you can watch. 1//2//3//4 The first two are cat related and the second two are goat related. All of them make me cry laughing. E V E R Y  T I M E.

I told y'all: she's awesome. And hilarious. And I AM totally down for a cross country dog meet up.Â
Anyway, please check out Dog Hair is an Accessory:

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