Thank you all who participated in the blog poll!! I got over 150 responses!!
And it was really interesting. So interesting in fact I have decided to change some parts of my own blog.
But I'll get into that later.
I know that this is only based on those that responded but I really enjoyed seeing your answers and I hope you will too. Actually, you better enjoy it based on the number of hours it took me to put together this post.
Here were the responses:
1. How you read Blogs?
Google Reader (even though it's going away)…33%
Bloglovin 44%
Twitter 2%
Blogger (blog roll, or blogger dashboard) 11%
Feedly 3%
Email 2%
Other (feedly, etc) 2%
My Thoughts: Surprisingly 33% still use Google reader, but it seems Bloglovin is taking over. What is interesting is how people follow blogs versus how they read them. So I am doing that question next.
2.How Do you follow blogs?
*people could answer that they follow through multiple outlets so it's hard to come up with a percentage, they could follow all the ways
GFC- 117 respondents chose GFC
Bloglovin- 112 follow
Twitter- 87 use Twitter to follow
Facebook – 72 follow via Facebook
Instagram- 63 follow on Instagram
Pinterest – 31 follow on Pinterest
Google Plus- 14 follow on Google Plus
Vine – 6 respondents also follow on Vine
There were a few that also follow on Email and Keek. (Which I personally have no idea how to use Keek).
My Thoughts– Even though Bloglovin is taking over as the “new” way to follow, most people follow through GFC. I think this is in part a public way to show support for the blog. I personally like GFC and Bloglovin, even if Google Reader is going away. I do sometimes also read blogs if I catch them on Twitter and Facebook. I like Instagram and Pinterest but for me, it's just more about the pictures.
3. Which do you use- Blogger or WordPress?
Blogger- 91%
Wordpress – 9%
My thoughts: Clearly, people that read or glance at my blog prefer blogger, which is what I use. I think WordPress is wonderful but not as easy to use (in my opinion!).
4.When Do you read blogs?
Morning – 58%
Afternoon- 15%
Night- 16%
Whenever I can- 11%
My thoughts: This is interesting in deciding on when to publish posts. Since most people seem to read them in the morning you could make a case for posting in the morning. But sometimes that's hard depending on what you have going on. I like to read blogs in the morning as well, to start my day.
5. What types of blogs do you like to sponsor? *respondents could choose multiple answers
Lots of Followers – 22%
Cheap Prices- 21%
Lots of Page Views- 16%
Lots of Sponsorship Options- 12%
Guest Post Options- 9%
Blogs I Read- 9%
I have never sponsored a blog- 9%
My thoughts: I like to choose blogs that have a lot of page views since I figure that is more exposure for me. But I like a combination of all of the above. I also like sponsoring blogs I really like reading, since i figure their readers would like to read me too.
6.  What types of blogs turn you off from sponsoring them?*respondents could choose multiple answers
Too Expensive- 46%
Too Much sponsorship advertising- 32%
Not enough followers -11%
Not enough page views – 6%
Dislike the content- 3%
Too many giveaways or not doing what the sponsorship offers- 2%
What YOU said: “I like sponsoring blogs I read” “I sponsor blogs that have interaction with me” “No social Media Shoutout” “if the blog is boring, I won't sponsor them” “Blogs that aren't genuine”
My thoughts: I don't care about price as long as I know it will bring me some exposure. But sometimes blogs charge way too much without anything to back it up.
7. Do you want to monetize your blog?
If it happens Great! If not, that's ok too- 68%
Yes- 34%
No- 8%
My thoughts: Most people wouldn't mind gaining some money from their blog, I agree!
8. Do looks matter?
Yes! Pretty Photos, nice layout- 74%
No, as long as it's good content I will read it!- 26%
My thoughts: who doesn't like to read a blog that looks good, but of course you stick around for good content.
9. Do you like sponsored posts?
No- 48%
Yes- 52%
What you said: “I like it better when the person writes as if it were their own blog post.” “Only in small doses. I prefer original content” “Sometimes, I like them on occasion, but when a blogger posts every single day about a sponsored post, I quit reading” “Sometimes I love them because they help me discover a new blog with an awesome/funny blogger!! Other times they feel forced, irrelevant, and kind of like some bizarre popularity contest type thing” “No, I feel like if people are looking for new blogs to read, they will look on the sidebar for sponsors. It's a little annoying to go a blog you enjoy reading, only to find someone else featured.”
My thoughts: I like learning about new bloggers to read, and hey you have to get out there somehow. But agree with most of you, it doesn't need to be everyday, or even every other post.
10. How often should a blogger post?
Weekdays- 47%
When they feel like it (or can write something meaningful/interesting)- 27%
Every Day- 16%
3-4 times per week- 10%
What you said: “When they feel like it. Write for you and the readers tend to show up if it's what they want to read!” “As much as they want, but if you want people to return daily, than you should post daily.” “At least a few times a week is good. More than once a day all the time is too much content .” “Whenever they want. Quality over quantity!”
My thoughts: When I first started blogging I thought I had to post everyday and I think my content struggled because of that. I think it's ok to miss a post every now and then during the week.
11. What do you think of giveaways?
Love Them- 60%
Hate Them- 30%
Indifferent- 10%
What you said: “Hot Mess. What's the point if the people are not going to actually read your post after they follow…” “Who doesn't love free stuff??” “I enjoy a good giveaway as much as the next girl.  I think so think some bloggers are “giveaway focused” and I that's not the only reason I blog or read blogs.” “I love giveaways! But only if they're really good. It's a turn off when bloggers do any old giveaway just to gain followers.” “Again, something that is done in moderation, I think it can be a great way to gain exposure. But I am sure after awhile they can get too difficult for the organizers. I don't know if they are always completely beneficial because while you gain followers, I am not sure you always gain READERS.” “Love them! But I normally don't do all the options, just the ones I'm either already doing or want to do.” “”Its very annoying to me to see 20 people all jammed on a page with target and starbucks gift cards out the hoo-haa. and then its all I see on their twitter.”
My thoughts: I will not just follow a blog because they are giving something away. I like them, i think it gives good exposure for new and existing blogs. BUT agree that it can be overwhelming. If I feel like there are 90 different ways to enter there is a good chance I will skip it!
Anything else YOU want to add?
“A note on sponsors – I just downloaded ad block for google chrome to stop annoying popups…and now I can't see sponsors of blogs – don't know if anyone has mentioned that before, but thought I'd let you know.” “”If you are going to be a sponsor….
1. You should actually follow the blogs that are sponsoring you.
2. You should read at least one post that the person sponsoring you has written
3. If someone wants to spend their hard earned money by sponsoring on your site, the least that blogger being sponsored can do is really get to know who is paying them! 
Of course Helene is the best sponsor ever (could be why I keep coming back for more spots on her blog) ” (I left that in there because I liked it ;)!)
“I like bloggers who keep it real, honest and mix it up. Sometimes it feels like blogging/bloggers can become very formulaic.” 
“I say just blog about what you want and let the chips fall where they may. I will never understand how some “lifestyle” bloggers are so popular and all they post about is giveaways, sponsorships, bloghops and linkups. You can't tell me that's all people want to read.”
“Bloggers need to remember that they have readers outside of their blogger cliques. A lot of bloggers seem to blog just for other bloggers and only interact with them, but they are alienating a whole lot of people and limiting themselves by doing this.”
Because of everyone's awesome responses I think I will limit the number of sponsorship options I have. That way when I do offer my once a month group giveaways, you don't feel like it's stressful- who wants that?
As a blogger, I am constantly striving for ways to improve and gain readers, not just followers. I think that's what we all want. The main point I found through the poll is: have good content, don't junk it up with giveaways, sponsored posts and link ups and the readers will come.
 I think this was really interesting to see what you all thought!! Thank you for participating!!!

Thank you to:

 for answering and the others that remained anonymous!
And here's what I'm changing.
Sponsorship. People like sponsorship options but the giveaway part can be overwhelming. SO I am offering group giveaways still, but just for a small group of bloggers. That way you don't have to do 5000 things to enter.
I think I will probably review other things but this post is long enough.
And now, I'm ready for a nap. 
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