I can't take credit for today's post. 
I have actually never been to Italy before.
But my 18 year old twin sisters got to go for Spring Break.
Hey Parents, why did I not get to do this?! Excuse me? Rude!
Louise is on the left, twin sis on the right. I am the middle. 

Ok, now that I have that out of my system, allow me to introduce you to my very awesome little sister, Louise. She is beautiful inside and out and a lot smarter than I ever was. To say I am proud to be her sister is an understatement  If you are new here, this kid is legit. She has fought and survived leukemia, going to graduate this May at a prestigious high school and had to endure being my sister (which isn't easy). 

So here she is on her travel to Italy!


Hi my name is Louise and I am Helene’s younger sister. I am 18 about to turn 19 and I am going to college (LSU, go tigers!) in the Fall. You might not be able to tell Helene and I apart but I am the younger, prettier one.  JK. Helene and I have traveled a lot together growing up but this year was my first trip abroad without the family.
Louise is bottom left.

My spring break trip to Italy was definitely an unforgettable experience. I got the opportunity to visit Venice, Florence and Rome! As I walked these streets, I fell in love with new sites at every turn. These places were not only filled with attractive Italian boys, but also beautiful works of art and culture that dates back for thousands of years. After having a gondola ride in Venice, visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Florence, and throwing a euro into the Trevi Fountain, I realized that I was living the dream that I’ve always pictured.

Leaning Tower of Pisa 

Now for a little story: We went to Assissi to see the Saint Francis of Assissi church. We had just toured the church, it’s raining and I fall near the steps. Actually, I fall onto an older lady and we fall, no sled down the stairs. And she thought I did it on purpose. They start yelling at me in Chinese, but I’m just laughing. Luckily, I wasn't hurt at all but she was pretty beat up.
View from Assisi
Florence was my favorite place we visited. Not only because I got to make out with a cute Italian boy (sorry Helene) but because it was so beautiful. We saw the Duomo (a cathedral) and all of the buildings were so old and interesting.  

The Duomo
Hope you liked my post! Thanks for reading my sister's blog! 

Isn't she the cutest ^^^^^!?

Helene In Between

Helene in Between

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