So I was talking to some cool people the other day about conspiracy theories.
You know, the ones where Elvis is still alive, UFOs, Loch Ness monster, etc.
The one that I love to think about is the Illuminati.
If you aren't sure what it is, let me tell ya. 
It's a secret elite society that controls things and the goal is to rule the world. Some people think Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of this and that they turned off the lights at the Super Bowl.
When she flashed this sign, they knew it was go time.

I don't believe in any of this. But I do believe in something…
The Bluminati 
What is this you ask? The Bluminati is Blogger + Illuminati.
It's an elite society of bloggers that control the blogging community.
If you get wrong with them your blog may disappear. 
You lose twitter followers.
Some of the paragraphs in your post will go missing.

But the biggest truth to this is the fact that Google reader is going away.
That's right.
On July 1st, 2013 Google Reader will be gone.
This is all done (probably) by the Bluminati.
They wanted everyone to go to Bloglovin' (their creation) so they were able to shut down Google Reader.
Impressive, impressive.

Why I made this, I'll never know. Don't ask me what any of the little beings have to do with anything. I don't know.

On a real note, how will you now read blogs?!

I am moving to BlogLovin‘ I would love it if you would follow me here!
Which thankfully I found it very easy to make folders.

Also, you can import all your Google reader blogs into ‘Bloglovin, tutorial found here, just click on the export/import found under the options on the far right in Google Reader.
Click it, then export and the tutorial should help!
UPDATE, this is the best tutorial I have found!

Tell me how you will read blogs now?! I'm on Bloglovin.

That damn Bluminati.

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