I know what you're thinking.
“Helene, we don't care about what products you use.”
But there is one all important thing here: I am CHEAP.
Very cheap. But I want to look and feel my best.
 Hey, maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's vodka.
These products are miracle workers and worth a try or two.

The Lip soother: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick
Yes, it looks like a glue stick but it works. I put this bad boy on my crusty, dry lips and smack them all day.
It smells awesome and really is the only chapstick I use. You can also use it on dry spots on your body. Multi purpose? Yes please.
I don't know about you but I still get them all the time.
I thought when I turned 22 they would go away, coming up on 26 and it hasn't happened. 
When will pimples stop happening? Until then, I use this.
Put this stuff on any oily area, it will erase. 
The Flawless Finisher: Elf High Definition Powder
I tried the mineral veil from Bare Minerals and loved it. 
But at $20 a pop for a tiny little bit of product I went on the hunt for something cheaper.
This stuff is amazing. Put it on after you are done with your make up and you look perfect. 
The Hair Hider: Batiste Dry Shampoo
I guess it's a theme here that I like to hide my imperfections.
It's no secret that I don't like to wash my hair every day. So sue me.
But I love the fact that this one is “blonde” and so it matches my natural  hair color. 
Spray it on and you'd never know how long it'd been since I cleaned up.
With blonde hair comes blonde lashes. They need to be seen.
If I wound up on an island I would take this mascara with me.
Iv'e been using it for about 4 years now.
I've tried them all. 
This one takes my lashes up without leaving anything underneath your eyes. (Hate that) 
And last but not least, Kroger Brand NyQuil.
Because why pay more for name brand relief? 
Seriously though, this is my new best friend. 
What are your go to products?

*These are just my faves, I was not compensated for any of this. Although I wish was.