It's a fact, when you're hair's lookin fly nothing can stop you.
But my hair is often looking not so hot.
I like to describe my hair as a lion's mane. It's hard to tame.
It's not curly, it's not wavy.
It's frizzy.

This is real life.

When the good people at Misikko asked me if I would would like to review their Hana Professional 1″ Flat Iron, I jumped at the chance.
When the box came I was in shock. Not only did it contain a pretty straightener and case, but tons of other goodies were included (and they do this with every purchase).

elf cosmetics, a brush, nail files, an ornament, popuri, hand sanitizer…!

 I love to straighten my hair, but I usually avoid it because it takes so much time and I'm afraid it will damage my hair.
The directions specify the right temperature for your hair type, which I love, so I don't have to think.
Another great benefit is that it seals the cuticle to keep color from fading while providing conditioning.
But enough talk. I think the proof is in the picture pudding.

It also comes with a travel case and mat to lay it on when it heats up!
The setting for my hair was 302 degrees. 

 Left is ugly, right is smooth and sassy.

Straight vs crazy hair


 Oh haaaaay.

Out and about with straight hair.
the next day. 
I absolutely don't wash my hair everyday (sorryboutcha) and it held up great the next day.
After I wash my hair is when I can tell if there is any damage- and it still felt strong and healthy. 
I still like to wear my hair wavy but I think this look is more polished and gives off the vibe of “I actually am trying to look decent.” I love this straightener and will be keeping up with straight hair more often. This is definitely the best hair straightener I've tried.

I highly recommend this straighter and other Misikko and Hana products!

*I was compensated for this post but all reviews are 100% my own.*

I am sure to have my hair looking super fly for the ever perfect hair goddess herself, Sami!
Now why don't you guys come join her?