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Here's what others had to say about my webinars and courses:

 Check out what others had to say about my consultations:

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for everything
you helped me with in my consultation in August. Over the course of the
past couple of months, I've slowly been able to incorporate more and
more of things we talked about. My page views have increased by 225%, so I think we can both agree that it has paid off.”
Kate, The Almost Great

consultation was worth every penny and, in my opinion, a very sound
investment. I just wanted to let you know this because it has clearly
made a big difference. Thank you so much!” Kate, Kate The Almost Great

“My consult with Helene was beyond what I even thought it could be.
 She was prepared and had already gone through my blog to see areas of
improvement, knew exactly what she was talking about and offered so much
great advice.  I loved how many things she brought up that are so
simple to implement but that I really wouldn’t have thought of.  She was
such a great advocate for me to speak to regarding my blog and I would
highly recommend booking a consult with her!”

“I was truly amazed at how much sitting down with another blogger helped
me make a solid plan for where I want to take my blog and how I can make
it grow without compromising my content and my voice. I highly
recommend doing a consultation with her.”
“She spent ample time researching my blog, had her suggestions for how to
I can continue to grow and she even did a “Your Competitor Analysis”
AND a “Alexa Score Analysis” of my blog to see how I matched up with
other blogs in my niche. I didn’t even know what those analyses were
until I sat down with Helene and I was amazed when she told me the
results! And? She sent me an action plan after our chat so I knew
exactly where to go next.”
Check out Ashten's full review post here!

“I chose to work with Helene because I wanted specific assistance to
figure out how to maximize my blog's potential. I had tried to figure
out on my own how to blog better, but everything I found was too general
or I was already doing it. Helene helped me figure out what
specifically I should do to improve my blog. She was prepared,
knowledgable, and extremely helpful. “
Kate, Kate The Almost Great

“I am in love with blogging again.  Thanks to you!”
-Hata, From Chicago to France

“The value for money is incredible. Helene’s one on one consult summed up in a few words…Immensely helpful honest advice.” 
-V from Life+1 Blog