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Checklist and Worksheet for Instagram

Cheat Sheet on Editing Photos

Hashtag Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet/ Work Sheet: The Best Time To Post for You


Equipment I use to Shoot Photos:

Wooden/Distressed photo backdrops – looks like real wood.

Marble Lazy Susan– the cheapest price I can find for marble.

Adhesive Marble – so cheap and looks real!And this is why this class is even more awesome. Here is a link to a CHEAPER version from @breezingthrough.

White Fluffy Rug – Faux Sheepskin – these retail for $100s, I got this for under $25! And I use it ALL the time.

Hisy – automatic remote to shoot images on iPhone (highly recommend, especially for taking pictures of yourself)

iPhone Tripod – “octopus” meaning it grips onto surfaces

Light Box (for those of you that are interested in taking product photos)

Chat here: *(to turn sounds off in the chat – that knocking noise drive me crazy click the sound button on the bottom right of the chat box and set it to “Play Sounds: never”)

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