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You might want to check out: How to Get To Tomorrowland post first, it has many of the questions answered as well!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tomorrowland:

Do I have to pre-register for Tomorrowland?
Yes, Every person does. 
When is pre-registration for Tomorrowland?
January 13th at 12pm CET. That is 5am Central standard time. Here is a great calculator to figure out what time it is for you.

When does Tomorrowland pre-registration end?
Saturday, February 15th at 12p, CET. 

When do Tomorrowland tickets go on sale?
Tickets for Global Journey go on sale February first at 17 CET. Tickets for the world wide sale are 15 February at 17 CET. 

Can I just buy a one day pass to Tomorrowland?
Yes, you can just purchase one day, or two so forth. It will me called Magical Friday, Incredible Saturday, or Glorious Sunday. For the whole weekend it's called a “Full Madness Pass”
How many tickets can I purchase at one time?
I believe you can purchase up to four tickets. Make sure to have full names and birthdates of the people you are purchasing tickets for. Yes, you can buy tickets for other people.
What is a comfort pass?
This is a VIP pass that gives you exclusive access to certain areas. 
What is Easy tent?
You do not have to bring a tent to Dreamville, it will be set up for you, along with an air mattress and you get VIP (aka Comfort) passes to the festival. 

How much are Tomorrowland tickets?
A Full Madness pass (access on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) is: € 237,50
For one day access it is € 88,00 each day.

The comfort (VIP) Full Madess pass is: € 437,50
And individual days with Comfort passes are: € 165,00
How much does Dreamville cost?
Regular DreamVille Pack
DreamVille Pass (€52,50) + Full Madness Pass (€237,50) 
€ 290,00
Comfort DreamVille Pack
Creamville Pass (€52,50) + Full Madness Comfort Pass (€437,5)
€ 490,00

All Prices for Dreamville can be found here
How much are global journey packages?
This depends on where you're coming from, so it is per person and I'm not sure of the exact price. Find out more information on Global Journey Here.

How old do I need to be to get in to Tomorrowland?
You have to turn 18 in the year 2014 or older. 

Other items you might need:
Home address where your festival bracelets will be sent. 
Make sure you let your credit card company know you are making an international purchase.

Where can I buy alcohol for Tomorrowland?
You can buy alcohol at Tomorrowland, or there is a supermarket very close by where you can purchase it.

How Can I get Tomorrowland tickets?
If you were not able to buy them you can go through the Tomorrowland resale shop to see if anyone resells their tickets.

If you DID get tickets, Tomorrowland will email you a confirmation and ask you to personalize them. You should be getting this email no later than February 21st. You will be getting a confirmation email from Tomorrowland and instructions to personalize the tickets from Paylogic. For information about the process, you can check that out here. You will then be sent your “treasure chest” containing the bracelets to use the day of. Don't lose any of this! Unless you want to wait in line for hours.

For more information about Tomorrowland, please check out this post. It should answer most questions not found here. Or, for more Information please visit