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There is so much information available on how to build a successful blog. And most of it is, well, wrong.

I wanted to create a totally FREE course that can dispel myths and help you overcome struggles to make your blog succeed. I'm not holding anything back. I intend to show YOU how to succeed online.

Whether you'd like to earn passive income on the side or make a
living blogging, I've conducted extensive research to find what
works. In this free online course you'll learn my top strategies for constructing a blog that helps build lasting relationships, target the right people, and raise your online profile.
You've probably heard these MUSTs:

the blogging myths

You put an incredible amount of time and effort into your blog. So shouldn't you be reaping the rewards? (Answer: Hell YES!)

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Helene Sula. I have a degree from SMU in Mass Communications and  I've worked in social media, marketing, online advertising, SEO and basically everything dealing with online media for the past six years. I'm now a full-time blogger and I make it my mission to help other bloggers get discovered and make an impact online.

Other bloggers will tell you: establish a niche, you need numbers, you need a mailing list. But I'm here to tell you there is another way. You CAN do it. In just three months I've made $25,000… from my blog. And I want to show you how to achieve success too.

With video modules, printable pdfs, and worksheets…

Did I mention… this is FREE?

Let's take your blog to the next level. 

How to build a successful blog: A Free eCourse

In this FREE eCourse,  Build a Successful Blog, you'll learn to:

Define your skills and passion for creating a solid a foundation that will grab reader attention

– Discern your blog's worth and how to structure your pitch

– Utilize the secrets behind being found online and becoming “known” and recognized in the              blogging community

– Find your voice and create your “game changer

Turn your followers into fans who WANT to share your work

+FREE worksheets to help you succeed and achieve your goals 

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