I am absolutely a course junkie. If I find a course that will help me grow my blog or social media or teach me something new, I'm ready to take it.

There are some incredible courses out there for bloggers and influencers and I've compiled the best to help you, no matter where you want to focus your efforts.

This wasn't always the case. For a long time I thought investing in myself just wasn't worth it. Until my husband insisted that I take a course. EVERYTHING CHANGED!

After taking my very first course (I'm not kidding), I went full time with my blog.

So here are my tried and tested courses that I love and recommend. 10 courses that I think are truly helpful and will give bloggers and influencers the upper leg. After all, learning is the best tool in our arsenal. I truly believe that.

I read something recently from a blogging guru, Ramit, that said, “the best entrepreneurs are obsessed with learning.” This made me feel invigorated. The secret to success is to continually hunger for understanding and improvement. The beauty of the online world is you can learn virtually anything online. Want to understand HTML? Take a course! Need some self improvement? Take a training. Want to learn graphic design? It's out there.

What constitutes a good course?

I'm glad you asked. Because truthfully, I've taken my fair share of bad ones.

  1. ACTIONABLE tips/strategies – I can't even tell you the number of courses I've taken that are full of, well, fluff. Sure, they are laid out well, designed artfully, and look pretty, but they don't actually help me improve or change.
  2. Teach you in a practical, streamlined way.
  3. Has a great community. I find that a community where I can ask questions (bonus if I can get in contact with the teacher!) is a great way to succeed.
  4. Produces measurable results!

Now, let's get into the best courses for bloggers and influencers. I hope these will help you as much as they helped me.


Best Overall Course – B-School

Marie Forleo's B-School comes with a hefty $2,000 price tag. Despite my fear of losing money it catapulted my success as a full time blogger. I've made the money back ten fold. This really helped me get in business mode for my blog. The strategies are unparalleled and it was like taking an online college course in Business.


Best Blogging Course – Dare to Conquer

I really like Paul's approach to blogging. He offers helpful and non-nonsense strategies for blogging and scaling your blog. If you want to learn SEO and Pinterest strategies for growing your blog with a supportive community this is a fantastic blogging course. I will say there are some practices in the course I personally disagree with, I think link exchanging is unnecessary and I”m also not a fan of comment exchanging. BUT the benefits outweigh that. It's very comprehensive which I find helpful.


Best Instagram Course – Instagram for Success

Yes, this is my course! But I am super proud of it and think it's hands down one of the best courses out there. There is not another course as comprehensive as this. I break down how to grow your following organically, how to monetize your account, take and edit great photos, and create meaningful content to the next level. Having a degree in public relations and working in social media and marketing for the past 10 years, I share my knowledge from both sides to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers succeed.

Doors are open for a limited time – I only offer it once a year!


Best Free Course – Start A Profitable Blog From Scratch

Looking to start a blog and then grow it like crazy? Check out my free course on growing your blog! Starting a blog isn't easy but I break it down with this free course and help you establish yourself and find out what works. I'm of the opinion that everyone should have a blog, and I think this course will help you get on the right track.


Best Affiliate Income Course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Michelle makes upwards of $100,000 a month from affiliate marketing from her blog. Basically, she is THE guru when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing. She is one of the most adept bloggers I've ever come across. Her blog is full of helpful, useful information and she's an incredible and valuable resource to many online. Her affiliate course is key if you want to make money with affiliate marketing. Which, you should! Because it's a great way to make passive income!


Best Side Hustle Course – EBook Bestseller Bootcamp

Ana is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. She's transparent but relatable and has some of the best strategies out there to help you profit from your blog. This course is incredible! I love online courses but a great way to make an income is with eBooks. Sharing your knowledge with others is a wonderful strategy to monetize your influence. EBooks are one of the best ways to start making money blogging.


Best Course on Growing an Email List – List Builder's Lab

I'm a big fan of Amy Porterfield. She's to the point, smart, and helpful. List Builder's Lab is an awesome course for anyone wanting to start or learn to build their email list. I like this course because it will not just help you build your list, but the focus is on quality.


Best SEO Course – SEO the Easy Way

If you want a good, streamlined course that helps you understand SEO (especially in the travel realm) then I love this course. I will say it's fairly beginner (I have a background in SEO) but it's a great course to get a good understanding and find the right tools.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads + Marketing MASTERY in 2020: 8-Figure Blueprint

Are you ready for this? I have taken 7 different Facebook ads courses. For me, they are an incredible way to get people to see my website. But I want to spend money on these ads strategically. As you can see, I've spent a lot of time and effort on taking Facebook ad courses but the best one I've found is on UDemy.



Course Platform I Recommend – Kajabi

I have been selling courses for years and am always on the hunt for a good platform. I was so frustrated with Teachable (the percentage they take per sale plus the course sites look amateur to me) and Thinkific (again, clunky sites taking a big percentage) that I ended up building my own course site. Last year my course site crashed after getting so much traffic! Which is a good thing in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted a more powerful platform. I did tons and tons of research and landed on Kajabi. I'm obsessed. It has everything you need (you could even blog and host your email list from the platform!). Kajabi is a super robust platform to host your courses, design slick pages, and make it easy for students to participate!


I hope sharing these courses will help you find strategies you need to succeed!


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