“Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.” -Honoré de Balzac

So many people are drawn to Paris. Of course, it's easy to see why: the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, River Seine… the list goes on and on. Strolling around this city you feel immensely inspired. Writers, authors, artists, singers, poets, they seem to flock to Paris to just lap up it's incredible energy. And one place that has won my heart, just mere minutes walking inside, was The Peninsula Hotel.

One of the most outstanding and lovely hotels I've ever been inside. With incredible, 360 degree views of the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer, a Chinese restaurant fit for kings, a tea room fit for queens, and beautiful, detailed architecture throughout. It's easy to spend a few days just inside this hotel. You won't, of course.

I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon at The Peninsula for high tea. I meandered down from the Arc de Triomphe (in all it's glory), past the trees bursting with blooms, over to the Hotel Peninsula.

We were greeted by a gorgeous entrance flanked with huge vases of delicate pink roses. I knew we were in for a treat. Oh, I say we, because I was joined by fellow blogger Shannon, of Sunny Coastlines.

Like good bloggers, we placed our camera on the table, as well as our glasses of bubbly rosé.

Let me tell you how lovely Le Lobby is at Hotel Peninsula. I think this is my dream room. Comfy striped linen chairs, with elegant plates and silverware. Light streaming in from the streets of Paris through large windows with detailed curtains.

There's a rosy feeling. Like you've somehow stepped into “Rose Colored Glasses.” It could be the stunning gold trimmed decor or the huge chandeliers, but either way, the room is fit for a queen. It feels like you've entered a new realm. A new, delicious realm.

We had high tea, one of the best possible ways I think you can treat yourself. A tray piled with treats and sandwiches is really the best way to dine.

After we were full, it was time to explore the hotel. Hotel Peninsula is known for opulence and fine dining. And I know I'll be back to try each cuisine offered. First up is a stark contrast to our tea, with LiLi, a Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese food. The colors are plush red and black, again, the lighting might have stolen the show.

Then we headed into Le Bar Kléber. An elegant room with gilded moldings, high ceilings, and oak paneling make it the perfect room for a cocktail.

Walking through the lobby there's an understated elegance and the prettiest hanging glass art.

Then it was time to head up to the top, and really, the best for last. The views were incredible. But the attention to detail was so incredible. L'Oiseau Blanc on the rooftop is traditional French cuisine in an aviation themed atmosphere. It really feels like you're in an old school plane!

And the 360 degree view is the best part.


From one side you can see the Eiffel Tower, from the other, you can see The Sacré-Cœur. Really, can you get better than this?! I don't think so. Truly, one of the most memorable dining experiences you can ever have.

Delicious food (good wine), a picture perfect setting, and a view of Paris in all it's glory. I'd call that out of a story book. I think when Honoré was talking about elegance he most definitely had The Peninsula in Paris in mind.