I love makeup. I admit it. I swear the blog world made me like this. I used to not be such a junkie, but now I want to try all the new things. I've got palettes y'all. I bought orange eye shadow because Meg O wore it and it looked to pretty, so I bought it.

If that didn't sound like a line directly from Mean Girls…

The number ONE question I get on Snapchat (@helenesula) is what mascara I use or how I got my eyelashes to look so long. I will tell you my secret. Yes, y'all. We are getting super deep today and talking about EYELASHES. Get excited.


Scarf // Hat

First and foremost, I do not wear fake eyelashes. The only time I ever do is maybe around Halloween (although I skipped  it this year). I am terrified that they will ruin my lashes. I also cannot do lash extensions. The price alone pains me, but I touch my eyelashes way too much to mess with that.

I think in order to have long eyelashes, or get the look is a little bit of a process:

  1. Use a mascara that works for you
  2. Wash your face (eyes) in a way that doesn't harm
  3. Eyelash nourishing serum

Yes, I just listed out three things, but it's just part of my routine and it's really not that bad.


Name Necklace // Watch // Lip color

First up I SWEAR by this mascara. I have been using it for years and years. I'm a bit of a mascara fanatic, in that I try them all. I cannot find one better than this one. You do have to be careful about how you wash it off (don't just pull it off…). I have even tried a $61 one from Lancome, which is this primer + this mascara, and still think the drug store one is best.

After I put on that mascara, I actually put on another one on top. This one helps to separate my lashes and give them the extra “boost” to look super duper long. I don't really care for water proof mascara, and these two mascaras combined never ever run or leave black under my eye (my pet peeve).

This lasts all day, without having to retouch.

When I wash my face (I like to use this cleansing balm) I take my make up off and then use this mascara melt off cleansing oil. Not only does it make my lashes feel conditioned, it take the mascara right off, without harming them. You might think this sounds extreme (maybe it is) but it seems to work.

Lastly, for the past few months (since before we left Nashville) I have been using this lash enhancer. You put it on once a day, at night, before bed. When I first got it, I used it every night. Which you are supposed to do for the first month or so. Now, I use it once or twice a week to help keep my lashes conditioned and long.

Pin the image below so you won't forget!


So there you have it! It might sound like a lot of work, but really, it's just part of my routine and I get asked ALL the time about my lashes. So…. that's fun.


Now, on to my favorite girl-girl holiday gifts. At first, this was make up. But then I decided to just make it everything that's “girly.” As my late mother-in-law used to say, “You are all girl and then some.” I'll be missing her this holiday season, and these gifts make me think of her.  Her 63rd birthday would have been December 6th.


Pallette //  Brush Set // Lipstick

Scarf // Bath Set // Blanket

Perfume // Hat // Lipstick Set

Candle // Jumper // Phone Case

I recently picked up the Becca X Jaclyn Hill palette and it is beautiful! So many gorgeous colors, I have been dying to try the champagne pop highlighter, but I think I even like the gold “Prossecco Pop” even more. I like to also use it as a eyeshadow, and the blushes are just dreamy.

I've always loved the IT cosmetics brushes, and this new set is so pretty. It's a great combo of 5 brushes you might really use.

You guys already know I adore lipstick. I can never have enough. These colors from Mac are soooo good. They last all day and they have so many different colors.


To continue on with the lipsticks, I love liquid lipsticks and Too Faced has some of the best. This little gift set is so pretty and a great holiday gift (and it's only $25!).

I must have a blanket when I'm working. Call it a security blanket, I don't care. I love this pretty gray one that has pom-poms on the end.

Everyday I wake up and think: which scarf will I wear today? The scarf obsession is real. I've always never lived anywhere this cold all the time, and guys, I have a PURPOSE for a scarf! This one is cashmere and such a good price point. Also, I am really digging this soft, blush colored pink.

You can never, ever go wrong with a candle. Especially one called Prosecco rose. It comes in a rose gold tin and it smells divine, like fresh and homey.

Ready for the softest jumper ever? I can say jumper instead of sweater now, because you know, Europe. Anyway, this one is so cozy and cute. I just want all the graphic sweaters.

You know those people that you have no idea what to get. (My little sisters for example). Three words: Macaroon bath set. It's so cute and already packaged up and ready to go.

You guys are going to think I'm crazy. The Ariana Grande perfume is my go to. No lie, I brought it with me to EUROPE. It's so pretty and ultra feminine without being too sweet. Plus, you get a free gift with purchase and Ulta has some incredible black Friday deals.

I still don't have a phone case on my phone… I KNOW. But I've got my eye on this one. There are so many awesome designs (and you can customize your own from Castetify. Plus, they are super sturdy which is important. Speaking of an iPhone case, have you entered my giveaway to win an iPhone 7?!

I think beanies are so cute, and functional. But the pom poms on top trend is my favorite. This one from Forever 21 is under $8! AND they are having a huge black Friday sale. Use code “EXTRA30” for… you guessed it, 30% off.

Some more deals to keep on your radar…

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