Pineapple Shoes

Every Monday night for the past two months, Michael and I have been going to the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute to attend our intro to German class. It's a two hour class filled with people of all walks of life. One might be my mother-in-law's long lost twin, a young woman who always wears funky, dirty graphic tees, a middle-aged man moving for work, an older gentleman who already knows everything about German and he's not really sure why he's in this class. I love it. Our teacher is a charismatic, bright person, who always brings the class German treats and snacks.

I don't do the homework as often as I should, but I do feel like I'm slowly learning German. I'm replacing the “w” sound with the “v” and say 12 like ZWOLF. Yes, all caps. Because other wise I'd say it wrong.

Instead of doing my homework, like I should, I spend my time learning about the culture I'll be stepping into. Germans are extremely talented in engineering and creating quality products. One of those quality products are shoes.



So a few months ago I spoke with Sven (who I am now making my friend since he lives in Germany) about their German Slippers. I thought it was pretty serendipitous that they reached out to me, so I opted for some pretty pink Haflinger sandals. And then I tried them on. I am not kidding when I say, these might be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. They have arch support and are made out of all natural material.

Not only do they offer sandals, like their name indicates, they offer true German slippers. They create boiled wool slippers, wool felt clogs, and leather mules that are manufactured to ensure comfort and quality. I know I'd going to order these come winter.


I have a couple free codes for you guys to use to get some of these beautiful shoes for yourself! Use code “Summer30” for 30% off any shoe, or get 50% off any summer footwear with code “Summer50”! You can't go wrong. Hurry! Offer ends this Friday, 7/29! Go here to check it out.


P.S. I'm flying tomorrow at 6am (why I booked two 6 am flights in one week, I'll never know) to Denver to meet up with Sarah for Taylor‘s wedding! It's going to be a very bloggy weekend. I can't wait. Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat!