Blogging and traveling and life are extremely hard to balance. It's a never ending task to get everything done including: packing, sightseeing, exploring, eating, and more. But when you throw blogging into the mix it can be nearly impossible to do it all. Luckily, I have Ady of Verbal Gold on the blog today. She is a traveling fool (and I like to think of myself as one, too) so today we're talking about how to blog when you're on the go. Let's see what Ady has to say:
How to Blog When You're on the Go

currently sitting on a plane right now about to takeoff to Aruba and
then heading straight from there to Miami for work and finally back to
Atlanta 8 days later.  So when Helene came up with the idea for us to
write a blog posts together on how to blog when you're on the go I
couldn't think of a more fitting subject!

She knows I'm always on the go and finding a balance between blogging and life is
tough enough.  Add in travel, flights, work schedule, WiFi connections,
and your iPhone and computer battery life and things can get a little
tricky.  Here are some tips I go by to keep the Bloggy Blog alive while
I'm on the go!
Ady: Power Up- Smartphone, tablet, go pro, camera, and computer chargers,
iPhone charger cases, backup phone chargers, extra plugs, the
appropriate plug adapter for the country, car chargers…. You name it- I
have it.  Until they make an unlimited battery all of those are
necessary. (Fingers crossed)
Helene:  Schedule ahead. The more you can blog and schedule ahead, the better. When I was in Greece, Prague, and Belgium last year I didn't miss a weekday of posts. I has all my posts scheduled in advance. I used Hootsuite to schedule my social media and I rest assured that everything went off without a hitch.

Ady: Take Note- The notes section on your iPhone is a life saver.
 Especially on a plane when you have to wait for gogo in flight wifi and
lugging out your computer is not always that convenient with limited
elbow room.  Sometimes you don't want to pay the wifi charge at the
airport since you're about to board so while I wait or when I'm sitting
in my seat on the plane I blog using the notes section on my
smartphone.  Plus not everyone can see what you're doing which I like.
 I don't know about you but the feeling of people looking over my
shoulder at my screen makes me uncomfortable. It's like, “Calm down Gina
you can see my blog post once it's up.” (wink wink) 

Helene: Ask for guest posters! This is the best if you're unable to post on a given day. Plus, it's always a good idea to mix it up every now and then. AND it gives the poster some exposure too. Win, win.

Ady: Transfer- The notes you just took are easily transferable to blogger.  

-Copy and paste straight from gmail once you open your email on your laptop. 
-Email yourself the blog post from notes. 
my favorite download the blogger app and start a new post straight from
there. Just copy and paste your notes over.  You can even edit and
publish from the app. ??

Helene: Don't forget to keep receipts of everything. If you blog about your travel you can write some of this off!

Ady:  Plan ahead and stay organized – These days it's so easy to schedule
things a week or two out so you won't have to stress.  First things
first, keep a good editorial calendar and plan out your next week or two
with blog posts ahead of time.  Sponsor posts included.  Using apps
like Hootsuite or Latergramme will help scheduling your social media

Check out Ady's blog for more awesome travel adventures, laughs, and so much more! She's being extra sweet and giving you a chance to win a $50 giftcard to Starbucks! Enter in the rafflecopter below:


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