It has come to my attention that I have been unhealthy for too long. I used to not even think about it. I'd workout, I'd eat healthy, for the most part, and I lived life. I've never been in a good place with how I've look, like most women, but in the past year I really haven't focused on staying active or eating right. I've gone overboard and I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
I've been saying this for a while now, but I only seem to do things for a very short period of time. I need to hold myself more accountable. So I'm starting small and using this blog as my accountability partner. I'm going to be adding routines to my life every seven days. Every Friday I'm going to let you know how I feel, if it worked, if I'll keep it up, and what the next challenge is going to be. I've also created a hashtag: #7dayshealthy.

So here's what I did for the past seven days.

I drank 90 ounces of water, everyday, for 7 days straight.
You might be wondering: why 90? Well, my jug of water holds 30 ounces and I tried to drink one in the morning, one during the day, and one at night.

What I felt:
I had to pee a lot. It was a good reminder, though, to get up a move every so often. I work from home and a lot of times I zone into what I'm doing and I don't get up for hours.

How hard was it?
Breaking it up throughout the day helped a lot, but it wasn't easy. On Wednesday I almost forgot and had to drink a lot of water that night. I woke up multiple times to go to the bathroom. That wasn't fun.

Any changes?
I do feel like this helped curb my hunger. Which is really important for me. I tend to get ravenous and want to eat everything in site, and I didn't do that as much. You hear about people's skin clearing up and having a “glowing” look and I didn't see that happen. But this only lasted 7 days, so we'll see.

Will I keep it up?
I'm not sure about 90 ounces but I'm going to shoot for 8 glasses a day. I do feel like this is a good way to fill me up and keep me hydrated.

The next challenge:
 I was going to give up alcohol for 7 days straight, but then St. Patrick's day celebration in Dallas is tomorrow, so that's not going to happen. I'm going to stretch every morning. This might sound easy, but it's something I've really wanted to do. I'm going to get up 15 minutes early everyday and just stretch it out. I downloaded an app on my phone called “Fit Flexibility” that gives you a plan for everyday. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of my back pain.

I'd love feedback on this! Is this something you'd like to read about? Any suggestions for the next challenge? Is this something you'd like to participate in too? Join me and follow along with #7dayshealthy.