Last week I wrote about why I always carry on my luggage. I was shocked at how some people are pro carry on, against it, and some of y'all just seemed to wonder how I cram everything in. I do have a secret, so I thought I'd share it with you on how to really pack light.
Here's a look at my bag today. I'm packing for round two of Vegas this week (to see Britney!) and need to wear comfy and casual, along with some stuff to dress up in. For reference, I'm leaving Tuesday, coming back Friday. So I packed for 4 days and 3 nights. Every single thing is included here, including what I'm wearing on the plane.

Here's the break down of what I bring:

Clothing and Accessories:
4 t-shirts – My friend Ally and I made shirts to wear for Britney, plus 2 to sleep in and 1 to run around in (this is probably overkill, but I like to have extra in case I get sweaty).
One pair of shorts
Two pairs of leggings
One pair of workout shorts
Three Dresses – again, probably overkill
Two cardigans
One sequin skirt
Two chunky sweaters (one will be worn on the plane)
One button up shirt
Two scarves
Three sports bras
Two bras- one strapless, one with straps
One bikini
Two pairs of tights – I always bring two in case I get a hole
One tank top
5 pair of underwear

Boots (will be worn on the plane to save room)
Tennis shoes
Black flats
Four pairs of socks

All in the small pink bag and mostly gold and silver, so I can switch it up easily.

Travel size sunscreen
Travel size toothpaste
Travel size leave in conditioner
Travel size dry shampoo (I never travel without it!)
2 mascaras
4 lipsticks
1 Bronzer
1 Concealer
2 nail polishes (In case I get a chip)
1 travel size brush

Other items:
2 books to read
Phone charger

The secret: Don't care.
I do not pack a single hair tool. Not a blow dryer, not a straighter (not that I would anyway, I straighten my hair about 4 times a year), not a curling iron. I'm low maintenance when it comes to my hair but if you can be when traveling that's a big plus. Usually hotels have blow dryers anyway.
Some tips: scarves or anything that can be layered is great. This way you can switch up your outfits or take layers off if it warms up during the day.
Comfortable shoes are key. You won't see me bring heels (not that I wear them anyway).
I stuff my socks inside my shoes and put my shoes on the side of my bag. It just seems to work best.

Here she is all packed up, I even have some room to spare.

Hope this was somewhat helpful!