Tonight I hosted my first ever “group blogging consultation.” I was a little nervous, and of course, there were some technical issues here and there, but all in all I thought it went great! The interesting thing about blogging is we may all do it for different reasons, but I think we stick around in order to build a community. We make friends, we interact. We learn that someone 400 miles away is dealing with the exact same issue that you're dealing with as well.

It's an interesting nugget of my life that I'm excited to get to share with others. While I know that I'm hosting the chats, I've gained so much knowledge tonight. Tonight's chat made me feel like I gained new friends. Everyone had questions or interesting insight. With Robin, Jenn, Heather,
Heather, and
Destiny I got to “meet” them face to face and learn about their blogs.

Tonight's focus was an area I feel strongly in: social media and SEO. I feel like I could probably spend all day talking about it, not just an hour and a half.
Next month I'm stepping into an area I'm only half familiar with: design. This is so important for every blog to have a strong brand image, an understanding of simple things like how to create a blog button to how to properly set up the image width of your posts.

Since I'm not an expert I have my friend and blogging genius (no, really, she is) of Venus Trapped in Mars to talk everything design.

Sarah has a talent for creatively and seamlessly putting blogs together. From the basic use of pic monkey to the more difficult tasks in photoshop. Just browse through her Saturday Sessions, this girl knows what she's talking about. She also happened to design my entire blog.

So join both Sarah and I on Wednesday, October 8th at 8pm for the next group chat!
Spots are very very limited so sign up now!