The time has come for me to finally get this show on the road! I'm leaving this morning to meet up with two of our friends to travel to Athens, then Crete, then Santorini, then Prague, and then Belgium for Tomorrowland. If you aren't sick of me telling you yet, you can be now. Things are always so much more important to you than they are to others, but sometimes we just can't help blabbing about it. This goes for babies, sports teams, music, and even trips to Europe. I appreciate you letting me blab, but that's not going to stop me from telling you to follow me on instagram @heleneinbetween because I plan on posting some very epic pictures and I just found out I'm going backstage.
Despite the above, I thought I'd tell you what's in my backpack because I find it oddly hilarious:

– Neon bracelets that I made myself because I'm still 12 years old.

– Anti Fungal cream. I'm sorry I'm so glamorous. But I have to have it based on what was happening to my arm pits.

– 3 different kinds of mascara- because I need one for different environments.

– Exactly 2 pairs of shoes: tennis shoes and flip flops. That's really all you need in life anyway. But 3 mascaras is imperative…

– 4 different sunglasses. And well, the entire outfit I'm wearing in this previous Tomorrowland photo:

 And I'm also bringing the 3 boys you see in the photo as well.

– My pink “USA All the Way” Hat.

– “No Doze” pills. Because when you're getting 4.5 hours of sleep a night you need something to keep going. 

– A bag of ear plugs. I still want to hear after this is over.

– Jergen's Tanning Lotion. Because neon looks better with tanned skin.

– And, of course, my American Flag Overalls.

So to leave on a high note, here's a chance to win $100 to Stubhub, because concerts and festivals are what I have on the brain. You could also use the money for sports tickets, if that's your thing. Basically everything that can be fun about the Summer can be purchased with a Stubhub gift card. I got together with the wonderful ladies for this month's group give away for $100 for some sweet summertime fun.

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