You know those summers you had between freshman and sophomore year of college? Or really, sophomore and junior year and then
junior year and senior year? Really, any college summer was pretty awesome. Sure, you had a job; you nanny-ed kids or life-guarded a few hours a day or maybe you interned. But it was absolutely dismal compared to the responsibility and lack of tan you have now. The carefree warmth of summer enveloped you in a state of euphoria. Your only concern was which pair of jorts you would wear with your new Forever 21 blouse to hang out with highschool friends while drinking Mike's hard lemonade in the back of a pick up truck.

Maybe I'm fantasizing a little. But I still think we can all still have a kick ass summer. There's still time. We're not dead yet. Here's my idea of how to have the best adult summer ever.

10 ways to have the best adult summer ever
Can you find me? HINT: I'm in the middle, wearing orange.

*Get yourself to a pool.
Everyone knows mayhem happens when you're at a pool. Pool parties are always fun.
No pool? No problem. Rent a slip n' slide. Or, make your own.

*Theme parties.
A recent article told late twenty somethings that theme parties were “over” well that person can't be my friend. Theme parties are awesome. In fact, I'd like to think of my life as a theme party, thank you. But it's especially fun when you get friends together and everyone dresses up.

*Baseball games.
Oh you don't care about sports? FINE. They have something at baseball games called beer. It makes it really fun. They also have really cheap tickets and group rates. Want to watch the game? Great! You can do that too. If it's really too hot, you can watch a baseball movie. Everyone loves Sandlot quotes.

*Tennis Tournament
It doesn't really matter how good you are. Just get a group together and call it whatever you like. But not the Wesley Snipes El Dorado Summer Open, that one's taken. A little competition makes everything fun.

*Go somewhere you've never been before
Everyone can play tourist in their own city. So find a cool new place or check out something you've always heard about and just go.

*Road Trip
Doesn't matter where. Load up your stuff (and your pups) and spend the night in a cheap hotel. Eat at the local joint and check out the local bar. Maybe dance on a table or two.

*Play Hooky
My mom might get mad at me for saying this, but call in sick one day from work. Take that much needed break and do something fun, preferably outside. I'm not saying take a month off, but one day's absence won't hurt anyone.

Concerts are always best in the summer. Check out one near you and go.

*Find a new hobby
As I get older the less time I feel I spend on hobbies. I get nervous when people ask what I like to do in my free time, “uhh blogging?” So try something new. I'm making myself jewelry. Just little bracelets. It's fun to do in front of the TV and makes for a great addition to wear to that summer concert.

You can even have one in your backyard. Just pitch a tent, invite a few friends and have some s'mores.

Just because we don't have a summer break anymore doesn't mean we still can't have fun.
How do you have the best summer ever?
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