Do you ever see or hear something and it resonates with you? You can't explain why, you just like it. I can't remember where I saw or heard this saying but I love it.

Plus who doesn't love glow sticks?!

I was recently interviewed about Tomorrowland from a Belgium radio station. I really loved speaking with Eva, the woman who interviewed me. It's so weird to hear your voice on something and I was very nervous. Here's a snippet of the interview! (It took me about 3 hours to convert it to upload it… any suggestions on this I'm all ears!)

Now if anyone speaks Flemish, please tell me what they're saying!
I know that one of the questions she's asking me about how Michael proposed and the others are about living in Texas and my Tomorrowland experience. 
UPDATE! Thank you to Melissa for the translation!: “This is Helene, a 27 years old and you can hear by her awesome accent
that she comes for the USA, from Texas. And as she say by herself: In
texas everything is bigger and better.
Helene has completely falling
in love with Belgium and mostly with Tommorowland. She is so in love
with it that she started a blog about it 🙂 A blog about tommorowland,
for us this is pretty crazy.

And then she said something about how you managed everything at the age
of 27, a house, a dog and married. She is gonna explain us how that
happened 🙂 last part: and they lived happy and they lived happily ever

This is definitely one of the coolest things I've gotten to do!


And now I'm the interviewer with Janna from Perception is Everything! I've had a crush on Janna for quite some time. I love her posts about her husband, she just seems overjoyed to be with him and it's so sweet. Janna is one of those people that is smart and beautiful. Sometimes life isn't fair. But she's graciously on the blog today so that we can get a glimpse into how she balances it all!

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What is the biggest perception people are wrong about you/your blog?
In the blogosphere, I think I come across as a typical military spouse, head over heels in love, lifestyle- blogger. In real life…some people perceive me as a b%tch. As I mentioned recently, people always tell me {after we've become friends} that they misjudged me. It's nice of them to admit they were wrong, but it still makes me sad. However, my blog is named “Perception Is Everything”, because I am not defined by how people perceive me. I define my life, by how I perceive the world, and my perception is pretty great!

What is your favorite subject to post about and why?
That's easy! My sexy soldier is not only my favorite subject, he gets more page views and comments on average than any other topic. He's handsome, intelligent, hilarious, and my biggest supporter, so I love bragging about him too. #sorryimnotsorry

What has starting and maintaining a blog taught you?
Would it make sense if I told you that I don't know? I mean, it's obviously given me a routine, helped grow my organizational skills, made me analyze my dedication, etc., but I feel like I haven't accomplished or learned all that blogging can teach me yet. I feel like the big epiphany is still coming, and I guess that's what really keeps me blogging. Reaching for a higher goal, which I guess you could say is a lesson in itself.

What's the coolest thing to happen to you since you started blogging?
Technically it happened to Will and not to me, but one day he was walking on Fort Carson, and was ‘sighted' by a blogger. She ran up to him asking him questions, and even asked to shake his hand, gushing to him that she was a blog follower and she recognized him. He really felt like a celebrity, and I guess he kind of is if you think about it! Blogger celebrity = way cooler than Reality TV celebrity.

What's been your most successful/popular post?
Other than Our Love Story, my Budgeting Skills bring all the bloggers to the yard. It has the most page views and re-pins on Pinterest, and that makes me super happy. I love helping people, so if I was able to inspire at least a few people, then I am a happy blogger!

What's been the biggest traffic source for your blog?
Bloglovin' and Google are neck and neck for the top traffic sources. We all know why Bloglovin' is on top, but you may or may not be surprised that the Google keywords for my blog are “Perception Is Everything blog”, “Shopping”, and my personal fave “War Hero Janna”. I don't think of myself as a war hero, but obviously Google does and who am I to argue with Google?

Check out Janna‘s blog and follow her on pinterest, facebook, bloglovin, and twitter!

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