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I eat badly when I'm not prepared. I have no self control when it comes to food if it's not within my reach. Sometimes, when I'm making breakfast in the morning I dart out the door and choose something unhealthy (see also chick-fil-a chikin minis)
instead of making the smart choice.
But, when I'm armed with something good, quick and easy, I make the right choice and I don't regret it later. 

Here's where Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Powder comes in. I love a good breakfast smoothie and this one is easy and packed with nutritional benefits:

o   21 Vitamins & Minerals
o   13g of Protein

o   As Much Calcium as a 6 oz cup of yogurt
Check out all the nutrition here.

Ok enough of that, let's get to my all time favorite smoothie recipe. This one has been adapted slightly from the one my friend gave me, and you can always switch up the fruit based on what you have on hand!

 You'll need: 
– A blender of some sort. Duh. (A Ninja works too).
 – 3.4 cup Frozen fruit (I like the tropical blend of mangoes, pineapple and strawberries) 
– Big handful of Spinach
– 1 Banana (I also peel these and freeze them)
– 1-2 scoops (about a tablespoon in each) Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Powder (I used the Classic French Vanilla)
– About 1/3 cup of water

Here's what you do. Get ready this is really difficult. Make sure you're taking notes- do you have a pen? Okay, good. Stick all of the above in a blender and blend it. Throw it in cup and… drink it. One thing I have learned is to blend the water and spinach first to make it easier to blend the spinach. 
That's it!

I really love this easy way to get in my protein in and stay full throughout the morning (no chik-fil-a chicken minis stops!) There are other flavors you can try when you shop at Walmart for Carnation Breakfast Essentials, like Rich Milk Chocolate, Classic French Vanilla, Classic Chocolate Malt, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Sensation, and the Variety Pack which includes all of the above. Check out more smoothie recipes on Carnation's site or follow Carnation on Facebook. You can get $1.00 off when you shop at Walmart for Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder!

Now, I mustache you a question: Do you ever eat smoothies? What's your favorite recipe?
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