Last night I was really busy. I got home from work late (yes, I work from home but I'm “training” and go to events sometimes, too.) I had a lot to do. I planned to make Jambalaya and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits but I got distracted.

Hey, we're we supposed to be doing something?

It's so easy these days. There's so much to take your mind off the task at hand.
Here's what I wasted my time on:
– Looked at Twitter
– Looked at Facebook
– Read 5 different articles and did 3 different quizzes on Buzzfeed. This one about the best Jennifer Lawrence Oscar moments was my favorite.
– Looked around on SoundCloud for new music
– Watched this gif like 10 times

Fine, I watched it more than 10 times.

 -Talked to the dogs in a baby voice
– Danced around the room for a few minutes
– Added a new background to my laptop. Guess what it is…

– I also looked at my phone every now and then
-Watched True Detective (best show on TV)

So yeah… about getting things done, it didn't happen. Maybe next time.

Here's a little distraction that really won't take too much of your time at all. You just have to like a few really cool people on Facebook. That's it. I'm not even joking.

The prize is $500 fat ones- via paypal, visa gift card, or Target gift card.  The only requirement for you is to like a page (or many pages!) on Facebook.  The rafflecopter below makes it ridiculously easy to enter- you can like the facebook page directly through the rafflecopter.  Each page liked is a an entry into the giveaway.  This will literally take 30 seconds out of your day.  30 seconds for $500- I'd say that's a pretty high paying job!
Giveaway ends March 11, 2014.  All entries will be verified.  Giveaway open to international readers with a paypal account- visa or target gift cards will not be sent internationally.  Giveaway winner will be announced March 12, 2014.  

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