Last night I couldn't sleep. I was already so pumped for Christmas, I think I got too excited and sleep was just out of the picture. This time of year makes me especially nostalgic of my childhood. But really, I'm always looking for a chance to act like a kid.
Here's how I know I'm a child at heart:

Acting Super normal: Middle Right. Cutting up with my best friend. Oh, and we're still friend. Hi Hayley!

I save the best parts of my food for last. Especially with desserts. I make sure that last bite is the best bite.

I really will break out in dance in any circumstance. My parents host a big Christmas party every year, as a child, I would put on my favorite song and at the end of the night break out in dance. I have to still restrain myself from performing now.

This one is bad…I still bite my nails. I know. But long nails freak me out.

I still have baby hairs. A lot of them. If I pull my hair back it's pretty obvious. Those babies won't grow.

I name everything. The lizard that lives in our backyard, the Christmas tree, my car. Things are just better with names.

The Rowdies (my baseball team when I was 6) was the greatest team that ever played.

I still don't really like coffee. If I get it, it's basically milk with a splash of coffee. Otherwise, I might spit it out.

On my birthday I run and check a full length mirror to see if I've grown. (I did this every year growing up and still have to make sure, even if I haven't grown a millimeter since 9th grade).

The more marshmallows in my hot chocolate, the better.

If I pinky swear something, I mean it. Actually, if I pinky swear and then kiss my thumb I really mean it.

I think putting a purse on a dog is both hilarious and adorable.

Clutch courtesy of Happy Clam Monogram.
I also think monograms are the cutest thing ever. PS for real, how adorable is this clutch? Use code “HELENE10” for 10% off The Clam Clutch or anything else you like- the 10% is good off your entire purchase.

I like pink things. In fact, hot pink please. The brighter the pink, the better.

Sometimes when I get really excited about something, I cry. Not boo hoo cry, but tear up to the point that it's obvious.

I like to make weird faces at people in other cars and then duck when they turn and look at me. Michael is not entertained.

Sure, I can be mature about some things. But I think it's important to hold on to a little bit of that childhood attitude. Afterall, kids have it made: no cares, no bills, no responsibilities, and Santa. I think I'll never grow up.

Are you still a child at heart?

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