You know in the movies when everyone is rushing around, stressed to the max, and it seems like nothing can go right? Then Christmas comes and it all turns out perfectly? That's how Christmas was this year. I was so stressed these past couple of weeks I gave myself a stomach ulcer. Y'all. Those are terrible, avoid them. It may have also been because of the amount Aleve I was still taking for ankle pain but, still.

Christmas Eve was Annual Light looking with my family.

Santa land house:
Christmas morning I work up to these two cuties:

We ate too much and received too many presents.

My favorite was a framed telegram from my Dad.

It's the only telegram he has ever (or will ever) receive. It was sent when he won his Pulitzer Prize  in 1986 in Journalism. It's one of the biggest accomplishments in his life and a reminder for me, that I can do anything I set my mind to, something I often forget. I've been stressed and worried and really I need to remember what's important in life. And that doing my best an bring great things in time.

Michael and I came home, tired and laid on the floor with the pups and watched our tree. It was a perfect merry little Christmas.

How cheesy is this? Thanks Google Plus for the twinkle lights. 

I'm going to Lights All Night today and tomorrow, so don't forget to follow me on instagram (@heleneinbetween) to see all the craziness that ensues. I'm going to try and sneak backstage to meet Kaskade and Krewella- wish me luck!


Now here's a real treat, no literally, Ashley of Rainstorms and Love Notes makes my mouth water with her recipe posts. She's a girl after my own heart- she loves the best show on TV- Arrested Development, although we might differ on Karaoke songs. She loves food, travel, and even football- you're sure to love Ashley. Today I have her on the blog, asking her the tough questions!

1. What is a pet peeve of yours?
It really shouldn't bother me, because it doesn't affect me at all, but I absolutely can't stand it when people in other cars have their wiper blades going faster than they need to for the amount of rain that's coming down. It's drizzling, why do you have them on full blast??

2. What's one of your favorite posts you've written? 
The one that always pops into my mind first is A Girl's Guide to Enjoying the NFL Season.

Oh, you know, just hanging out with Marcus Gilbert the year he was drafted

3. You can only watch one TV show, which do you choose?
This is tough, because I really love getting hooked on good TV shows, but I'd have to go with Arrested Development. I could easily watch it over and over again without getting bored, and I don't think the jokes would ever stop being funny.

4. Karaoke song of choice?
Enter Sandman, by Metallica. A big thank you to Rock Band circa 2007 for helping me realize that song is my jam.

5. What's your favorite thing to cook or bake?
I really enjoy making cookies from scratch. I love that the basic recipe is always the same, but there's thousands of ways to jazz them up.

White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies – one of my favorites!

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