New faces, new places. Just kidding. I don't know. I wanted to start out with a rhyme because I like to do that. But since there are a few new people or old people with memory loss, I thought I would go over some of my rather odd characteristics. (Plus I have a little giveaway for you!)

1. I AM a morning person. Well, most mornings. It also helps that I received this lovely coffee (or tea) mug from Crystal Faye. It reads in pretty gold lettering “Eat Blog Love” which should be my life motto. Go to the bottom of this post to win this mug and a $25 giftcard!

2. I've developed an obsession with onions. I'm in Texas, so we eat Mexican food a lot. I ask for extra onions on the side every chance I get. Sometimes I just saute them in some olive oil and eat them as a snack.

3. I have to have everything spread out perfectly on my bread. I take a really long time spreading peanut butter or jelly on my sandwiches to the point of frustration of my husband. But how will I know I get it for every bite? Michael just let me know that Anna Kendrick does it too so I know I must now be weird:

4. Speaking of that, I'm a weird salad eater. I want every part of the salad in every bite. For example, my favorite salad is a Sweet Apple Pecan salad at Dave and Buster's. I try to have the lettuce, pecans, cheese, apple, and chicken in each bite because that's the way it was designed so that's how I should eat it.
5. I really enjoy planners…for about a week and then I end up forgetting to write anything in it.
6. I have inside jokes written down going back to the 5th grade. And I continue to write them down today/ I think it's the best way to remember memories or a time in your life.
7. I sing and dance in my car without  regard to others around me. If you pull up next to me I'm not going to stop. I have friends tell me all the time they saw me jammin in the car. I'm not good at singing, at all.
8. Chances are, my fingernails aren't painted. It's just going to chip anyway! Also, I don't go to get my nails done. I've maybe gotten a pedicure or manicure 7 times in my life (most of those times are before high school dances). My reason is that I'm cheap.
9. I'm not a country music fan.
10. I like my food piping hot. No, not warm. Yes, I burn my mouth often.

Turns out… I'm really weird with food.

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