Happy day after 4th of July!
Hopefully you are celebrated with some red, white and blue themed clothing, food and whatever else you want.
Here are some of my favorite 4ths throughout the years:

We went to Kaboom town to see the fireworks in Addison. And I'm going this year again! We also had an epic tennis tournament the next day. I won (with the help of the guy next to me.) 
We rented a lake house in Austin, Texas with about 20 other people. My friend Lyndsie (pictured above) bought us these swell hats. It's now my favorite 4th of July accessory. And shaving your chest hair  into “USA” is also a great accessory. 
Celebrating America and the Texas Rangers at a baseball game!
This is one of the hottest camping experiences I have ever had. We spent the 4th of July on a boat and it was so hot we slept in our swimsuits. We couldn't even walk in the sand without shoes on. 
Every year the neighborhood my family used to live in held a parade. I might have stolen a tiara off a float.
This year: 
This year I saw fireworks with Sarah and Lyndsie (all of my fireworks pictures turned out awful… Sarah warned me of this.) 
 And I went to our old neighborhood's parade. Each street picks a theme and makes a float, theirs was the state fair and it was awesome. 

Happy Independence day! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! 

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