Well guess what today is?! It's my Dad's birthday! Yep my Mom and Dad have a birthday in the same month. A few weeks ago I did a post for things my Mom taught me on her birthday and I thought I would do the same for my dear old Dad. 

There's always a story. 

My Dad will always be a journalist (hey, the man did win a Pulitzer Prize for one of his articles). But not just when you are writing a story, but when you talk to people. He taught me that I should get to know people by asking them questions and listening and paying the utmost attention to what they have to say.
He taught me about the “you can do it” attitude. Which also makes me slightly impossible at times. He taught me that girls can do anything that boys can do, and even do it better. What I say and do has importance and meaning, so I should always hold myself to a higher standard. 
I'm Special 
My Dad has always made me feel special. That I am not only smart, but that I can do things that help shape my future and the futures of those around me. This is something that has stayed with me my whole life. Whenever anyone tries to tear me down I think of this and it makes me realize that he's right. 
He also taught me…
Question everything. 
You can do anything you set your mind to and then some. 
Hate is okay, for the right reasons.
Spitting on people is love. 
Girls are better than boys. 
Read as much as you can.
Baseball is the best sport there is.
Girls are smarter than boys. 
It's always appropriate to dance. Always.
And of course “A man may kiss his wife goodbye, The bee may kiss the butterfly, The wine may kiss the frosted glass, but you, my friends, have all the class.”
Thanks for being the best Dad ever, Happy Birthday Dad!

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