Hey y'all! First if you have voted for me for The BEST Local Blogger in Dallas thank you so much! If you haven't I thought I'd show you what to do. You know, in case it's confusing.
I am currently in 3rd place so every vote counts!
Go to the Dallas A-List voting page for Helene in Between.
Click on the yellow Vote Now button, it looks like this:

When you do click to select Best Local Blogger:

Then it will ask you to sign in. You can click the blue link for Sign up Now, you just put in your email address. Or You can click any of the icons on the right to make an account: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Windows live. (It won't post on your facebook or twitter).

I find the easiest thing is to click “Sign Up now” and fill out the form:

Lastly, make sure you click: Cast a Vote to make the vote count, that's it! Or you can write in that box if you want to leave a tip, it's like leaving a comment.

Questions? If you do let me know! Thanks again for your help!!

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