Well here in Texas we are inching towards 100+ degree temperatures.
Even in the northern part of the USA it's getting hotter and hotter every new day in June.
But how do we really know summer is here?

Well let me tell you:

11 Signs You Know It's Summer When…

1. I really feel like I should NOT have eaten that sandwich (oh and chips) as I know I have to prance around in brightly colored bikini that hides nothing to the imagination. Oh you haven't been working out? I can tell. 

2. Some days I wonder how I can avoid going outside all together to stay cool and with in the range of the AC. Car to work to gym to home. Avoid the sweltering sun.

3. When someone asks if you want to go jog outside:

4. If you aren't in school or at work you forget what day is it.

5. Your skin looks like this:

5 a. Or like this if you fake bake. And no, we don't have a skin disease:

or like this:
missed a spot.
And we all know it's pretty important to be tan, especially in the warmer months:
via buzzfeed

6. Fantasy:


7. You look like this after you are outside for more than 5 minutes.

8. You look at your water bill like this (because of how expensive it is):

9. This is kept near you at all times:

10. The only songs you want to hear are the SUMMER JAMZ.

like this one.

11. And Lastly, and most importantly, it's JORTS or Nothing.

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