Another Monday.
It always seems like I'm the most tired on Mondays since I try and have Sundays last as long as possible.
Here was my weekend:

Friday Michael and I biked 9 miles around White Rock Lake.
This may seem like no big deal, but for someone recovering from a broken ankle, I was pretty proud of myself.

On Saturday we went to a wedding shower at one of the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen.
Michael took pictures but I am too stupid to understand how to get them off his Blackberry. How do you work those things?!
After the shower, we met up with our friends.
One of the guys brought along one of his friends we had never met.
We hit it off immediately.
I liked her so much after about 5 minutes I asked for her digits.
That's always a weird thing. “Hey, I know you don't know me very well but I think you're cool, lets be friends?”

Middle, new friend.

Other people made friends too. By challenging a group of people to play pool. 

It was a spectacle to say the least.

Sunday we got together with friends to celebrate Michael's birthday (he turns 26 on Wednesday!).
He wanted to do something active. Of course.
So we got a group together and played soccer.

We went and had celebratory crawfish.

Which is really the best kind.

And speaking of celebrating, go tell Staci congrats on her wedding! She just got back from her honeymoon!!

How was your weekend?

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