Helene in Between

Helene in Between

So this is a two-fer. I am hosting Tell Me About it Tuesday but I couldn't NOT link up to my lover Whitney's one day link up: The Facts of Me!

So here are some facts about me you probably didn't want or even to care to know, but here it goes anyway:

-I hate driving.

I would really prefer a chauffeur  I have never been a good driver. When I started driving at 16 I got in a wreck about 3 months after. And I have been in quite a few since. I prefer to be in the passenger seat dancing.

First car purchase, 2011, knock on wood for no wrecks

-My dream is to run my own business.

I just don't think I should work for “the man.” Plus I have lots of ideas. I have tried to start a business a few different times but haven't found the perfect thing yet…maybe one day.

-Etta James and Ray Charles are my favorite singers of all time. 

I love me some modern music (especially electronic dance music) but play me “At Last” or “Night Time is the Right Time” and I will instantly be in a good mood, grab a spoon (or any object that can be used as a microphone), and start singing. 

-I have a bald spot on my head.

It on the right on the front part of my head above my ear. I don't have a birthmark so they think this might be a birth mark. You can't really see it but if I pull my hair up the wrong way it's there.

-I am way too loud. 
I always got in trouble in school for talking and being obnoxious. 
She get it from her mama.
-I love it or hate it.
I am a VERY passionate person. And I tend to feel very strongly about well… everything. It makes for some heated discussions with my husband and friends. 

Feel free to link up with both!

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