>  Best Blogger in Dallas

I was named the Best Blogger in Dallas for 2014!!! I was notified that I won the Dallas A-List's best local blogger and proceeded to properly scream and call my mom.

Thank you to everyone who voted! I am still in complete and utter shock.
And now, because I don't know what to do with my hands, here's how my July 4th went down:

The day before Fourth of July I drove to Walmart to grab some
last-minute necessities. I saw a lady holding a sign advertising for
some closeout sale at a furniture warehouse. She caught my eye and I
almost wrecked the car watching her. The lady wearing dark denim cut off
shorts, a black tee, and a scrunchy she found from 1989- was twerking.
She looked like she was having the best time ever. One hand propping up
the sign, the other waving side to side with her gyrating hips. Here's someone who could be having a terrible time making minimum
wage, but instead she's living to the fullest. To me, that's American.
No matter your life circumstances, you can live the dream.

Thanks to all who voted! To see the full list on nominees check it out, here