Christmas is ALMOST HERE! That means the panic is setting in to get all of my holiday shopping done. If you’re like me and want to avoid the malls and lines at all costs, then Amazon Prime is our best bet. I’ve collected 15 awesome last minute Amazon Prime Christmas gifts that will surely satisfy everyone on your list.

You know what I love about Amazon Prime besides everything? It makes me look good. For example, we had a last minute change during our travels recently. We were on a trip in New Mexico for 10 days. Instead of driving home then flying to Denver, we opted to head straight there in the car. That meant I didn’t have the beautiful little Christmas ornament that I brought home from Germany to give to my friend. But Amazon Prime saved the day and I ordered the cutest little ceramic house that looks identical to a house in a town we visited together. And it came over night. For free.

Now that’s some service I can get behind.

2020 has been so tough (that's the understatement of the year) and very hard to get Christmas gifts on time. That's why Amazon is a great idea. I've got some of the best 2020 Amazon Prime Christmas gifts.

Hairdryer/ Lego set/ Silk pillowcase / Hair bands / Cocktail kit/ Shaver/ Leggings/ Shoes / Coasters/ Frother / Ornament

I took into account all the people y'all are still shopping for to make things easier!

Every single item on this list has been tried, tested, and lovingly used. So you know it’s the real deal. Now, let’s get to the prime time:

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer – Gimme Beauty Hair Ties

I have searched far and wide for the best hair ties on the market. When I lived in Germany they had these magical, thick hair ties that never seemed to pull on my hair and were comfortable to wear on my wrist. They were thick and stretchy and came in all sorts of colors. But they would unravel fairly easily. And by easily I mean after 6 months or so. What can I say, I ask a lot out of my hair bands and I expect them to last.

I searched in Ulta, CVS, Sephora, Walgreens, and pretty much everywhere for some good hair ties to no avail. And then these magical things popped up on Instagram. And I went for it. It’s safe to say these are even better than the ones I found in Germany. And they’re on Amazon Prime?! Hell yeah. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any girl on your list. $12 for a set of 6 and they come in variety of colors.

The gift for the girly girl – Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

I’m going to admit that when I first got my hands on this thing I didn’t like it. It made me really hot and took entirely too long to dry my hair. But the secret is to let your hair dry most of the way. Once I did… BAM. This is the single best tool for my hair. I can make my hair last an entire week without washing it. It’s really a very useful tool and it’s on Amazon Prime. Bingo. $37 and ships in 2 days.

For your cousin, friend, that person you don't know what to get – Carry on Cocktail Kit

If you know someone likes to drink and enjoys traveling, this is a perfect, thoughtful gift. It's $15 for one kit. If you want something that is nicely packaged, and comes with everything you need, check this out. Includes 2 drinks (pictured above is Bloody Mary but you can choose gin & tonic, margarita, Old Fashioned, and more), spoon, salt, coaster and it's TSA approved. FYI alcohol isn't included, so add that to make a perfect gift.

P.S. Check out my gift guide for Travelers here!

Ornament Exchange – Old World Glass Blown Ornament

I am so impressed with the price and quality of these hand blown, glass ornaments! I ordered one under $10 and liked it so much I ordered 2 more. I'm going to a girls dinner and ornament exchange and I think these would be perfect. Also great for anyone who adds an ornament to their tree every year. Add the date or a memory to personalize it!

The Perfect 2020 Gift – Hand Sanitizer Holder

I'm loving these unique hand sanitizers that are perfect for anyone on the go, and let's be honest we could all use these in 2020. I would say these are “luxury” sanitizers and come in a variety of colors and options. I love having a small hand sanitizer with me, especially after shopping and before I get into my car.

Gift for a Dad – On-the-go Frother

I never knew I liked coffee until I started frothing it and adding copious amounts of cream and sugar. I now love it. This handy frother is perfect for the gadget junkie (my Father in Law is!) and anyone that likes coffee. At $12.99 it comes in a variety of colors. The ratings are crazy good, nearly 6,000 at 4.5 stars! Throw in this cute coffee mug to make it even more special.

Husband – Braun Electric Razor for Men Series 9 9290cc

This is EXACTLY what I got Michael last year for Christmas. He picked it out, because he is so so so dang particular about everything. So I can tell you… this is a good buy. It's pricier, but since this is for your significant other, it's okay to splurge a little. On sale, $259.94.

At Home Fitness – Exercise Bike and Stand-Up Desk

While getting a gym membership or get-in-shape gift for Christmas is sometimes looked down on, I personally love getting these because it's things I need! These exercise bikes are perfect for anyone who works from home because this also turns into a desk!! So you can work while you bike or stand. SO COOL.

Mother in Law or Brother's girlfriend – Silk Pillowcase

Newsflash: the slip silk pillowcase is a brand name and there are much better (in my opinion) options out there. I've had this one for years and it holds up so well. And it's $10 for a 2 pack!!! Also the reviews are insane, 7,540 ratings with 4.5 stars!

For your bestie – Adidas Superstar Sneakers

There is nothing more than I recommend than these sneakers. I wear them 300 out of 325 days a year (without exaggeration). At under $60 these are a good price and come fast!

For nephews (aka little boys) – Avengers Lego set

We got this for my nephew and he FREAKED OUT! Keep in mind this isn't cheap ($80) but worth it for their excitement.

For the every girl – Leggings

Alright I'm always looking out for the best leggings. My favorite remain the Zella live in leggings. But I'm really impressed by these Amazon leggings. Pockets, breathable, and tons of color options.

Coworker gift – Set of Letter Coasters

I love this because it's personalized and it's $14 (was $50!!!). This is the perfect gift for your coworker, as long as you know their first or last name. Would also make a great hostess gift!

For the Beauty Lover – Gua Sha and Jade Roller

I am SO into these tools. I started following beauty gurus on TikTok this year and they are all about the beauty tools that help you avoid wrinkles and avoid Botox. I've heard so many horror stories about Botox so as I get older, I'm all about more natural beauty. Over 13,000 4.5 star reviews. See my favorite beauty tools here.

For the Home Body – Beautifully Organized Book

I love giving a coffee table book because it's something you can keep out year round.

For the Wine Lover – Set of 2 Wine Tumblers

Riedel wine glasses are the best wine glasses out there. My mom and I actually did a taste test and for some reason wine just tastes better in Riedel glasses. I've been lucky enough to visit the factory in Austria but broke the wine glasses on the way home. That's why getting them professionally packed and shipped via Prime is the way to go!

Hope this helps you with your list this year!