14 flights, 7 cities, 4 countries, 3 wild animal encounters, 2 beaches, and one incredible trip. I'm back, but barely. Despite having no jet lag in Asia, it's hitting me hard now. I woke up at 3 am, was up til 5 and slept til, well, now. This might also have to do with the fact that I was on a plane for 24+ hours.

Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite snaps from the trip, as well as a quick video diary I made. I have a lot, LOT more to share. Such as: how the hell we got into the lantern festival in Chiang Mai (you gotta add that to your bucket list), riding elephants humanely, interacting with tigers (and my thoughts on that), Bangkok's craziness, the Jurassic Park beaches of Krabi, food and how I got insanely sick, seeing Angkor Wat and other temples in Siem Reap, the poverty in Asia, cruising and kayaking Ha Long Bay, and more.
Southeast Asia Recap + Video Diary

Coconut in Weekend Market, Thailand

Downtown View of Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Budda in South East Asia

Temple in Chiang Mai

Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai

Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015 Elephants in Chiang Mai
Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand Kantoke Palace, ThailandRailay Bay in Krabi, Thailand
Sunset at Krabi Beach, Thailand, Asia
Temple Ruins in Cambodia
Red Bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam
Dragon's Pearl Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Kayaking Ha Long Bay
Cruise on Ha Long Bay
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

South East Asia video diary below. Including lighting and sending off the lanterns!

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