Last week, Michael went out of town for work. Call me heartless, but I was thrilled. I need my alone time. Perhaps more than most. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I grabbed a bottle of wine, a bag of microwave popcorn, and made my way to the middle couch cushion. It was Monday night, it was 7pm central, it was time to turn on the Bachelor.

During the show Michael called. “Hey, what are you up to?” he asked. “Uh uh umm,” I fumbled with my words, embarrassed to tell him I was watching a reality TV show that encompassed (hopefully) everything I am not in a woman. “Oh well, I'm watching the Bachelor,” I finally responded.

I've always been a little bit ashamed to admit I watch this show. But you know what, I'm over it. It's a damn good show. Here's why.

I made this infographic a couple years ago, but I think it still rings true. Plus it took me forever, so I'm showing it again:

It's an interesting show. And while many of the conestants are “stupid” it's fascinating.

1. They make me feel better about myself. I'm pretty sure a “fishing enthusiast” isn't a real job. But good try.

2. I've honestly never worn that much makeup in my life. It's almost like they look like clowns. I mean, I was in Theater and still didn't wear that much.

3. I love the drama. It's unrealistic and sometimes, pathetic, but it's awesome. Most of the time I'm laughing when girls are crying.

4. It's shot like a soap opera yet it's reality show. I think it's a very well done show. Each year it's more dramatic than ever, even if it isn't.

5. It's romantic. I know some of it is fake, but I can't help feel like some of it is real.

6. It's familiar. Every year there are new people, but the setup is the same. And I kind of like that familiarity.

7. It's a competition. Someone is going to win and I love seeing people race to the top.

8.  The tense rose ceremony, the fantasy suite, Chris Harrison, dramatic looking off… it's just good TV!

Do you watch the Bachelor?

Now on to someone who is even more entertaining that The Bachelor. It's Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries! I have her here today to discuss blogging, writing, and some things in between. Check out more from this gorgeous girl below!

1. Why Did you Start a blog?
I always wanted to be a magazine journalist and whilst I was at school I
interned at Mizz (the UK's equivalent to Seventeen Magazine). But I
never stuck to my dream and ended up studying theatre at university and
becoming a drama teacher. I loved writing and directing plays for
students to perform in, and seeing all the creative stuff kids came up
with. But I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do forever. When I got a job
in a really bad school (and was the unhappiest I'd ever been in my
career) I started my blog as an escape. I had no expectations of where
it would take me professionally, but within a year I'd quit teaching to
blog full time. You can see my journey in illustrated form on my about
page here.

2. About how long does it take you to write/edit a post?
It depends. An opinion piece (like this one on jealous friends)
or a product review can be really quick as I'll just write two or three
paragraphs and keep it punchy. Event write-ups can take longer as I
have to edit photos and make sure I have all the correct info and links.
If a brand wants me to do a quick sponsored post I might if I think my
readers will like it, these can be very quick to write. But usually when
I work with brands we have a chat about how I can promote their product
and make it relevant to my readers, whilst putting my own spin on their
brand. This can take a while, with meetings, photographing, etc. 

3. What is your favorite subject to post about and why? 
My blog is lifestyle, which leaves it wide-open for me. I try to appeal
to those interested in cultural events and things to do in London, as
well as health and beauty. Other bloggers want me to write about
blogging and blogger events, so I have to try and keep a balance (this post summarizes the blogging events I went to in 2014 ).
My favourite posts are ones where I went somewhere I've never been
before and explored, like this beach trip to Cornwall on the south coast
of England.

4. What's been the biggest traffic source for your blog?
Google searches. I think because I cover a lot of things to do in
London, including restaurants, people find me through searching for
something in particular. Ditto with beauty products. I do a lot of
self-promotion on Twitter and Instagram, and this brings in views too. I
wish I had worked harder at Bloglovin when I started. I didn't really
use it until a couple of months ago, but I can see what a great tool it
is now.

5. Do you find that social media has played a very important role in the growth of your blog?
Absolutely! Using blogging-focused hashtags and joining in blogger
Twitter chats has been hugely helpful in increasing my audience. Several
PRs have told me that they found my blog through Twitter chats too, so
you never know who's listening in on the conversations about blogging! I
think adding good photos to tweets, and of course on Instagram, can
help pull in non-bloggers too. 

6. You're a freelance writer, how did you get started in this?

Once my blog picked up I got the confidence to approach magazines and
pitch articles. This is hugely frustrating – many a time I've not heard
back from a features editor only to see my idea written up by a staff
writer a few issues later. There's no real way of protecting yourself
against this, you just have to try and bring a magazine something that
only you can deliver. Maybe you know someone you can interview, or
you've experienced something that would make a good article. I pitched
my experience of going to UK blogger conferences to Cosmopolitan and
they said yes straight away as they knew how crazy everyone is going for
blogging right now. This is the article.
One thing's for sure, features editors need content! Keep pitches
brief, concise, and formal. Start with the idea first, and then say who
you are and what you do. If you've never been published anywhere before
don't let that put you off, you write your blog so you have a portfolio
to show.

7. If you could offer one piece of must-have advice to an aspiring writer, what would it be?

Keep at it! Write consistently on your blog. You'll get better the more
you write, and you'll find your own style and voice. It helps to read a
lot too – I get through a huge selection of blogs and magazines aimed
at different audiences. This can help you see what makes punchy, witty
or eloquent editorial, and how personality and tone are put across.

Please feel free to visit me at The Prosecco Diaries and have a cup
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