Every year, in February, Tomorrowland tickets go on sale. It's it's a date I circled on my calendar and plan for months in advance. Millions of people will try to get a few hundred thousand tickets and they sell out in the blink of an eye. If you've ever tried to get Tomorrowland tickets before parentheses or tickets that are particularly hard to get in parentheses you know the struggle. Here are tending as you know if you've tried to get Tomorrowland tickets.

1. You scour the internet for months trying to find the best way to get Tomorrowland tickets.

2. You set multiple alarms to remind you when tickets go on sale.

3. The day of the ticket sale you can't stop pacing and checking the Tomorrowland page.

4. You put together all the computers or any device that can get on the internet to try to get tickets. 

5. You wait and wait and WAIT in the queue.

6. You start listening to a playlist to pass the time.

7. You even think about giving up… but you know it's totally worth it.

8. When you have to go to the bathroom, but don't want to miss out on tickets:

9. You look at the Tomorrowland Facebook page to see if there are any updates. 

10. If you do get tickets…

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