After Friday's devastating news about the Connecticut elementary school shooting, I sat in thought for a long time.

Like most people, I struggled to understand why there is such evil in the world. And what can we do to stop it?

Just trying to process an act of this nature, left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was angry, sad and shocked. We all are.

Is there a right way to react? No one seems to have a clear answer. What can I possibly say that would matter?

Bloggers, among others with an online voice in our community, are grappling with this subject just as I am. For most of us, that's the whole point of blogging. Reaching out. Comparing notes. Keeping up with current news, events, trends and quirks in order to take the pulse of our times.

We're casual chroniclers of this era, whether we're spotlighting social quirks of our generation, or dealing with a senseless tragedy we can't fathom.

As a blogger, I read a lot of “happy” blogs.

I write a “happy” blog. Mostly. But with something of this magnitude, I have to step back. Think about those affected.

Not to point fingers. But to reflect on what it means. What it says about us. What is most valuable.

I am not a mother, so I can only imagine the harrowing feeling of losing a child. Especially this way.

So I wonder. What do we do now? How do we get past this?

When is it okay to be “happy?”

I know this will stick with me for a while. It doesn't mean I am going to change my blog or its direction,
but it does mean that in the short term, I feel the need to step back.

My blog's signature states: “It's All Good.” Something my grandfather used to say that stuck with me.

These past few days things don't feel all that good.

But the good I do see is people coming together, forming a shield of hope around those who are directly affected.

I am not sure there is a right way to react. But I think it is important to respond in some way. To do something. Doing nothing changes nothing.
It's a conversation we have to keep alive if we ever hope to get it right.