Happy Black Friday- hope none of you got trampled in the crowds! I am currently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with 67 other family members drinking egg nog and not even thinking about taking out this broken ankle of mine to shop.  
To help with the holiday stress I have a treat for you today!
Meet my first giveaway winner and sponsor, Megan! She is from North Carolina, The Tar Heel State. Well it's better if I just let her talk…PLUS she is giving one of y'all a sweet Starbucks card!!! Should help with all the triptophan effects of the turkey.


I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Helene In Between!  Helene is awesome!  I'm so glad I found her blog. I won her 100 Follower Giveaway and it was awesome and chock full of great prizes, like this guest post.  My name is Megan.  I blog over at Ordinarily Obsessed! I am fairly new to the blogging world. I used to have a Livejournal when I was in high school. I have no idea what I wrote about there.

I'm 24 and am married to my high school sweetheart! We got married in March of 2008 and immediately rescued our sweet Sophie from the animal shelter. I <3 my little family. 


Also I'm obsessed with using the <3 symbol when I love something.

Also I'm easily obsessed with things, which is the reason for my blog title. I'm Ordinarily Obsessed with something all the time.

Like right now I really want to buy Assassin's Creed 3. Any fellow gamers out there?

I enjoy playing video games, watching TV, baking and cooking. I'm a rather simple girl who prefers to stay at home all weekend…every weekend.  

Also I get really obsessed with food. Once I find a favorite it isn't unusual to make it a few times a month.  Right now our favorite is homemade mini pizzas made with English Muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.  Yes, my husband came up with this one.  It makes a great lunch!  I also LOVE CrockPot Chicken Fajitas.  Yum! I realize this makes me sound like I eat all the time, I promise I eat in moderation.

Lastly, I'm pretty random as this post shows.  Hope you enjoyed! Come say hi!